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randi (babygirl121103) wrote,
@ 2004-03-21 20:05:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:Take my breath away -Jessica Simpson

    yay very nice day!
    WELL today i woke up likeee 6:30 in the am hour to watch the Vet go down :-( sad moment but many memories.. but yea then i fell back asleep and then i woke bak up around 1030 or so. then i got i the shower and freshend up a little. then christopher called around 1ish n i went to his heeezie! we went to look at his car.. its pretty "CUTE" (lol) n then bak to his heezie.. we had our own little fun lol :-P. so i ate over there n what not! n left around 7! it was soo kool while i was at chris's.. my mom, dad n chrissy went to the vet n got some rocks n cinder block! it was pretty damn kool! them things are heave when i got home i'll tried to pick it up.. YEA MISSION INPOSSIBLE!! my daddy carried 2 of them soo yay to him. I should been a football player i was out throwin the ball to jimmy n kev... holla to mee!! next mcnabb...:-/ lol. so yea i gota game tomorrow in the 20 degree weather we're gona be havin.. mmhmm randi's a little upset about that one. but hey my babys gona be there :-D hes soo sweeet i lovee him! he be treatin me like a princess. sometimes i feel like im bein a bad girlfriend. i HATE that feeling! i duno. i just love him so much.. and i kiss too much lol but thats only becuz 1 kiss from him just isn't enought i LOVE kissing him! Its soo perfect its like a thing only he and i can share. yay im in love lol.. alrite well im gona play checkers!! ttyl!!


    I LOVE CHRIS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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