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CrIsTy (babycristy456) wrote,
@ 2004-05-09 15:12:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:TuRn me On....

    PrOm 2004!!!!
    last nite was prom! it was soo much fun. i loved how my hair came out. it was like up but the bak was spiky. and the front was up and with the bangs to the side. then my dress looked great. and i did my own makeup with came out pretty good i guess. then jonathan got me a pretty orchid for a corsage. and we took mad pictures at his house like superr cute pics i cant wait to develop them. then we met up at maggies and then to prom. jonathan got lost on the way and we got to prom like at 11:00. which i was upset about but whatever fuk it... we rented at the shelbourn...i changed into my lil after prom dress and i got drunk and had fun....yeyy im still excited. it wasnt too crazy bc all the rents were heated but it was still fun....then this morning i went with jonathan to eat breakfast at einstein bagels...yummy. well thats it. ima try to get the pictures developed now so that i can put them in my website. byeeee

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