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baby_kishes (baby_kishes) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 16:43:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:crazy in l0ve <3 dahs ma s0ngg rAh theRre

    aaHhh .....
    holler <-- white gyrl vershun... lmao ima st0pp ... im happiiEe 2day .. . i wokE up tireed.. loL went 2 skoOl.. i lookt okay.. im g0od <- i didnt use NOO GEL 2day =).. lol nada was in ma hair 2dayy.. furss perioD english .. 2nD math.. b0riinq...3rD period gyM .. ok -- jenny wasn't there.. so me and genny were all like aww we miSs her.. lols.. we ran tha 5o <-- dum shiets .. im n0t PHYSICALLY FIT .. and i d0nt wana b + t0morRow i g0tta run tha dammn miLe.. and i was g0nna loOk all purddiee and shiets.. buh NoOoo .. sike ima still attempT lookiin purddie 2morw .. lols fCck tha miLe .. ill walk tha shiets... arahSs then after gym .. me and genn walkt 2 ma locker and tha bell ranG ta get in2 classes -- damn genny we slow.... theN lunch we went 0utsideeE w0Oooooo <3 lol sikee .. nothin happnd -- j0hnpaul t0ld me sumthin .. i was like aHhh ma j0hnpauls all gRown uPp!! lol cuz i c0od b a loser like thaa -- and he t0ld meE his "schedule" f0r this week. lol.. then 5th period ms henry 0Oo g0dd.. i was stanDin OutsiDe + talkn ta genny and shes like "GET IN" i was like eww.. u aint g0tta put it like tha.. then we read "holes" lol.. then i had hist0ry.. i didnt even NOE ma speech.. lol.. and dah class is abouT 2 end im all like yay.. then tha dumass piCkz 0n me and says "yasmin ur up" im like .. oOh nooo... buh i went and buLLshyTted ma way thru.. l0ols.. it w0rkt.. then j-dawg (aka j0hnny) t0ld me he c0od tell tha i didnt n0e ma speech + like w0oPpss... buh its arah.. lol .. then i4get wh0o went after me.. wait dillian .. then tha bell rang ... then 7th perioDd artt.. i started drawin ma new thingy .. its g0n b cutes.. lol its mountains wid like a pink shade 0f backroundish sky... lol...then she madEe us takEe our maskSs home.. mines stuFft in ma lcoker now + i g0tta thr0w it 0ut cuz its take`n up spaCeeE! then 8th perioD mr chesTttanng gav a test - i did arah - i think g0d 4bid i fail .. .. then he gav us a pr0ject ta due.. i didnt even start it .. pr0bably do it lass minute... then i went home.. buh b4 i finDz 0ut i g0tta stay after 2morww f0r manzella...thursday imalook all gr0wn up and purrddie bcuz i g0tta stay after + ma fav teacher is c0min ta bmSs =) .. so yehh i getta look all prettiiEe ..and i g0tta h0st tha shiets t0O.... . then after tha.. i was talkin ta c0rts,genny, + starry... then i g0t homEe and came 0n aol .. yanoe im ALWAYS on aol in ricard0s w0rDs .. buh its n0t ma faulT im b0redd ... <3 and eric t0ld me i supp0sedly g0tta A 0n ma speech.. lo0ls..ahH im goOd =).. i g2g ill rite m0Re wen im fReE 0r sumpthiNn byEe byEes ~ baby_kiShes

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Re: excusme
2003-06-03 21:18 (link)
Ooh pleez ...

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