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baby_kishes (baby_kishes) wrote,
@ 2003-05-23 21:05:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:x) heyyee lols..nada

    lemme update::
    tuesday niTe -- me,lina,geNny were at f0ley .. maDd peopLe was there.. i juSz chilld wid lina + genny m0ss tha timE..."tha pole" haha.. tha was t0o funnie "FiX iT" lols<3..tha was fuNn<3

    wednesday --i was tiRed.. it started 0ut 0kay -- and at tha end 0f tha day i finDs out ma celliie was st0Len >;T.. and i stayed after wiid c0rts+genn while cryiin cuz sum l0ser st0le it..and thas ma shiets<3.. i g0t h0me and ma m0m had it + said this gyrl called up and claims it was 0n tha floor and wanted a REWARD..dayumm wahdz this w0rld comin to .. lol ma m0m aint giv her sheits and i g0t it bacc<3

    thursday -- i had noo make up 0n - i was tired + exhausted fr0m lookin f0r ma celliee..and i stayed after wiid liss f0r honor s0ciety =)... lols.. then at nite i had tha ch0rus c0ncert.. i stayed wiid jenny+carlos and taLkt ta kenny lol.. jenny u dr0ppt tha flaq + i hadda pick it up!.. we sang g0od<3

    friday-- i wake up siCk as hell.. ma n0se is all stuffy yet i still managed t0o look 0kay 2day =)..glori and gen chilled wid me and lina in art x) highlite 0f tha day -- after 4th period xP and after skool..lmao genny,lina,glorri+johnpaul.. FiiREWORKS<3 lma0o...oOh yeh HAPPY BiRTHDAY JOHN-PAUL<3 BFFLNMW
    ... now its 9 suttin.. and i came bac fr0m palisades mall cuz i was FORCED ta g0o..buh i g0tta lipgLoss...n0w im tired and waiitin f0r people t0o c0me 0nline<3... and i g0t soo much h0mework ta dOo.....and a bigg ass pr0ject due thursday --which i aint start!! LoLs ShHHh* x)// buh byes

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