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Amanda (babigurlx5x) wrote,
@ 2003-03-05 19:36:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:The music from Ice Age lol

    How are u all doin this fine evening? lol yea im a lil weird rite u can tell. Im watchin Ice Age wit my isnt that cuuuute? haha yea tomorrow's her birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARISSA! she is turning 9 years Well neways, today was an awesome day actually. 5th period I had Spanish, thats an Ok class. Then 6th period OMG the class I HATE Math...but my teacher Mrs. Rand, WASNT HERE!!! OMG i was sooooo happy!!!! lol So instead of Math, we got a study hall. There was this like job fair going on so I went to that instead. I signed up to be in the Army!!! haha The guy was like join its soooo fun! like uhhhh ill Pass Mister! lol. After Math, then came English. Funniest fuckin class ever!!!! lol My teacher Mr Macleod, is soooooo fucked up...haha. Then came Biology, my fav. class!!!! Its the BeSt!!! haha So I did have a pretty good day, until afta school when my mom got me soooo fuckin pissed off!! ahhhhh I Hate MoThErS! Well Im gunna go finish watchin mah movie now, I'll talk to u all LaTa, <3 bAbi MaNdi

    LeAve CoMMeNts!!!

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