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Kate (babiekayts) wrote,
@ 2003-11-13 13:54:00
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    Current mood:indescribable
    Current music:Genuine, Differences

    I have been sick for like ever, I mean months, and then on saturday I got a fever and my temp was 102, it was retarded, and I was throwing up blood, I mean it was soo gay, but, I went to see glen on saturday, me and cassie drove over for the day, I had the best time ever, we went to the mall, and walked around, it was soo much fun, we went into this like hippie store, and were looking at sex books, it was so much fun, then we went to Toys R us , omg, we had so much fun, glen is so funny, but I started getting dizzy so we went back to glens house and watched the hulk, well "watched" it anyways. lol lets just say we had a lot of fun, but then it was about 3 and I started getting really really sick, like I thought I was going to die, my head hurt so bad I couldn't open my eyes, but glen just sat there by my side and let me lay on him, he just rubbed my head, and kissed me. it was so sweet, I have never felt so loved in my life, it was crazy, but we left on saturday night and came back to my house, its like 250 miles round trip from glens house to mine, so it was a long drive to my house, lol . but when I got home, my mom KNEW something was wrong she isn't stupid, and she said I needed to stay home cause I looked like shit , so I layed on the couch, and couldn't even lift my head up, so cassie left and went out to a party. but I was throwing up blood so I went to the doctor and I have a problem with the lining in my stomach, so I have been on bedrest forever and a day almost a week, and I still don't feel good, and I have to move in a week!! I don't know how I am going to move 2 hours away when I feel like this, but its all good.. But I am so happy cause like last night I asked glen if we were together, or not, and he said we were, so I am like super happy!!! I like him a lot, he is so funny, you don't even understand! he is the greatest! and cares about me so much!! hr makes me feel so special!! its crazy! but yes its official me and him are together now! I love it!! I have waited so long for this just saying what happens happens, and now I don't have to wait anymore! ;-) aight later guys, Punk'd is on I am out! MUAHZ!

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2003-11-14 12:00 (link)
what was ur aim name again? i just hope that ur all good so u don't have to go through that again. but looks like ur getting better tho thats a good thing.
i gotta go ill ttyl hun
take it easy

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