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**Lauren** (axeeffect) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 14:18:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:green day - long view... always makes me feel lazy I GOT NO MOTIVATION WHERE IS MY

    Hey---wow i need to take a shower... but it makes me feel better bc last night helen informed me its been since monday night that shes taken one. ew. today i went to eat breakfast at my cousins house...and then me and my two cousins watched The Shape of Things ...NEVER EVER WATCH THAT was HORRIFIC. i was wondering when the plot was coming but nope never did and the ending was ...bad. the other day i got the rolling stones that has like the top 500 cds of all time and i was so proud cause i had like 5...ok ...some of them are actually my siblings but they are in my house so i basically own them. but i seriously do own #17 which is NIRVANA- NEVERMIND... yay. thats the highest. so like i have 1% of the top cds of all time! go me! actually i may have more...the cd im listening to right now was on the list (GREEN DAY- DOOKIE) ok the cover of the cd is the funniest thing in the world...u dont just have to be 5 to think its funny i sware. theres like a monkey throwing shit around and like a blimp that says BAD YEAR with a frown...omg its hilarious. u know who i want to meet? TERRY ASS COMPTON... does any1 watch viva la bam? ok i know that wasnt this sundays episode but that guy is so funny. and they were playing GOT SOME TEETH (i know thats supposed to be spelled some ghetto way so if sarah reads this she can correct me) in the background. i love that song...DAMN. well HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERY1! haha im out for now

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2003-11-28 18:24 (link)
haha like the biohazard sign...i think thats wat it is neways...I TOOK A SHOWER 2DAY and YESTERDAY

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2003-11-30 22:16 (link)

~sARAH UR o sO gHeTtO FRieNd

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