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Andrew (awesomeness214) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 21:05:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:Robin Hood

    Howdy! Well, today was pretty cool. Got to the school at 815 late for drumline practice. Sorry guys. J-Cutt was getting pissed at the basses cause we couldn't play his cadence. Today we didn't have Kevin so it was Jon Beth and I.1st 3rd and 5th makes a boring bassline I must say. Well, after that we went to J-Cutts house and chilled out. He has the most comfortable couch in the world I swear he does. Then we went back to the school and we worked on some marching music. We suck so bad right now. lol. we get better sooner or later. I really need to get more glasses I couldn't keep time that great cause my grill was all up in the music and couldn't see Mr. Schwindt so I lost time. sorry guys. Then I workede in the library for a little bit then we had went outside to practice teaching. That was gay. Then we went back and basically did whatever. Then pizza came yay food. It was awesome listening to Bob about his Mr. Gould stories good job dude. then Mr. Davis returned! We did some basic marching andhad a drill-off. I got called out ona gay call. He said I was late I was on that thing like white on rice. Then we went back and worked on some marching music. I am worried about d-line this year. I mean the basses r really starting to piss J-Cutt off. Its the same rhythm guys we worked on it forever. Well thats about all i have to say I will tell yall how tommorrow goes. Have to be there in 11 hours yay! Well c yall later and last but not least COMMENT!

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