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Daimiel (auteur) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 21:06:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:Money : Pink Floyd

    duck a l'orange

    Apparently, attending the French Culinary Institute in NY is more expensive than attending Harvard. I won't be having any of that, thankyouverymuch. Culinary school anywhere is expensive. le sigh. It looks like my dreams of becoming a 5 star chef and owning a restaurant that David Bowie eats at every Thursday night are once again thwarted. *shakes fist* Damn you! Why can't they make higher education free?!

    Onwards, when i was taking a shower before i got some shampoo in my eye, i was expecting it to be a lot worse than it was. So i was standing there, making believe i was a little cyclops, as one of my eyes was being attacked my the mass of bubbles inching closer and closer to my rentina, and then surely my brain where they would eat me alive just like zombies would! Then i started thinking about how weird those people are that brush their teeth in the shower. It's a bit odd if you ask me. Showers kind of scare me, and although that's where you get nice and squeaky clean .. i still think they're a mecca of bacteria. I wouldn't want to brush my teeth in a pool full of germs. Especially when shampoo is wont to get in your eyes .. those suds of death.

    I get tons of messages from guys on friendster (this place is addictive) everyday, i guess because i'm so damn hot. HAHA or not. This one guy though that messaged me, is a bit creepy, called me cutie and says we should do lunch. I don't think so. He's a nurse and he's from Staten Island .. that's the other side of the bridge. Yipes.

    The other day i tell my mom to pick me up some waterproof black mascara because i'm all out. She brings home this new kind "waterproof mascara hydrofuge". Seems nice and it's in a lovely green case so i like it even more. I try it out oneday for a night out on the town, it's lovely. Although i was not prepared for what was to come. As i was washing off my makeup i realised that this mascara wasn't coming off, soap included. It loved my eyelashes so much that it wanted to live there and keep them company. But it gets to be a little annoying, and a little gross, when the stuff won't come off for three days. WTF?! le sigh. The trials and tribulations of being a girl. All i wanted was some nice waterproof mascara so i can cry along with all the boys and girls when i'm breaking their hearts. This stuff is beyond waterproof .. it's bulletproof. If a nuclear bomb was dropped on NYC tomorrow my eyelashes would survive and be prefectly preserved. Then they would put them on display in the Smithsonian for all to see and marvel at how beautiful they are.

    What the hell am i talking about? I'm not sure. I should probably have some edibles, since i haven't eaten anything all day. Yes, i shall.

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2003-08-11 00:03 (link)
"Higher education is the great American hustle", don't forget that. At least something like a culinary degree could teach you something useful, I pay way too much for a piece of paper and a bunch of humanities lectures ;)

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2003-08-12 13:33 (link)
Does the culinary school have any sort of financial aid?? They must. If that is your dream, then go for it. Don't let the money thing get in the way. Where there is a will there is a way, I always say. And then me and my husband Billy Zane can eat at your restaurant all the time, and I will let David Bowie know about it so he can go there every thursday. :o)

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2003-08-13 01:08 (link)
Yeah they have financial aid, but my mother would surely still bitch about it being too expensive. FIT is a hell of a lot less expensive .. like $28,000 less expensive and i recieved financial aid with that, and she still managed to bitch about it. le sigh.

i have way too many dreams to pursue them all anyways. If i were to pursue everything i wanted, i would have to major in about 8 different things and attend 4 different colleges. i wouldn't get out of school until i was 40. blah.

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