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Daimiel (auteur) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 02:45:00
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    Current mood: nauseated

    i want to vomit all over your shoes

    I should probably be sleeping, or at least be in bed attempting to sleep. I'm going to Phildelphia tomorrow with the pac-man to help him build IKEA furniture. It should be fun. And then thursday we're going shopping, because we were supposed to do that today, but we got into the city late and the only thing i returned with was a $20 NineWest messenger bag from a sample sale .. and i don't even know if i want it anymore. le sigh.

    What else? This weekend Dan wanted me to go visit him up in Boston, but reasons are keeping me from that, so i might go next weekend instead. :/ I'll be pretty nervous if i do go up there, just because he's Dan. But i do want to see him, so i don't know. I'm so infatuated with that boy, it's ridiculous.

    Hmm, i was going to do some Dark Side of the Rainbow tonight, but i'm not in the mood for it now. Maybe tomorrow morning after martha stewart. <3 I love that woman too much.

    FYI people, i dislike chamomile tea because it tastes weird to me, but it's the only thing keeping me somewhat sane at the moment. sha na na. I hate PMS. :D

    look it's me!

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