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Austin Sandford (austin_sandford) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 14:58:00
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    Well my name is Austin Sandford and I am a junior at Dover Academy and am 16, also the ex of Parker.

    I live with my grandparents right now. I’ve lived with them for almost 8 years because my parents died when I was 10 but it's been cool. My Nana and Papa are great role models and have raised me well. I don’t remember too much about my parents though. Their names were Charles and Debra and they loved me very much. They died tragically though.

    -feels my eyes tear up- They died in a space shuttle.. Watching the news back a good while ago really broke me up about it. -lets a tear roll down my cheek- My parents were astronauts and loved it in space. -gulps slightly- And because of loving space, they died......

    Anyways -wipes tears away-

    My grandparents are retired but my Papa used to be a pattern maker, paid really good so even after retirement, they're loaded. My Nana was a house wife all her life, I bet she got bored sometimes, actually I remember spending a lot of time with her. She would always read to me, tell me stories, make me laugh, the stories she'd tell about the old days were just... Funny. I love my grandparents to death.

    I have a pet, an unusual one, I have a pet rat. She’s a lab rat to be exact. She has white fur and red eyes and a pink tail and pink ears. She's my very best friend, she's pretty big too, she covers my whole shoulder when she sits on it and me walking around, her taking a free ride -laughs- Her name's Bethany and she's really nice, never bitten or anything, you'd have to meet her. -smiles-

    Ok I play basketball, any position really. I’m really good at it, you won’t believe this but my Nana taught me how to play. -laughs- My Nana is in awesome shape let me tell you.. I never had any sibs to teach me things, I'm the only child... Oh what fun -laughs- But that's all about me for now... If you want to know something, just ask and I’ll tell. -smiles-


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2003-04-17 18:39 (link)
::smiles warmly:: hey there. welcome to dover.


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2003-04-18 00:36 (link)
thanks -smiles-

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2003-04-17 20:18 (link)
Wow. It's you.

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2003-04-18 00:40 (link)
and it's you.. (hey if you're on im me at justxdeanx)

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2003-04-18 13:45 (link)
[[ get online so I can give you the banner I made! ]]

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2003-04-19 20:15 (link)
(sorry i had to go get my hair cut and do a few things, if you dont see me on tonight or tomorrow, i'll be on monday for sure)

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