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are you still listening (aurora10118) wrote,
@ 2005-11-12 16:16:00
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    Tootsie rolls pops are people too!
    You know.... things are wierd..
    I've melted into someone who likes to believe that everything is peachy.
    And it is.

    I'm sick of going to court.
    I've got three legal things going on in my life right now..
    Actually four..
    but one of them goes with the other..

    The house. The Kid trying to run me over. And the Stolen Carrabeaner.

    Ricotta cheese is good on lasagna.

    I live with 10 people.

    My room is cold, but warmer now that me and justin plastic'd our windows.

    I didn't realize it, but I've been dating the same girl for four months.
    That seems like a long time to me.

    Me and Justin are working on another cd.. because the one we just finished, is not only roughly done.. but is also all acoustic. And me and justin have to much electricity to be unplugged.

    I'm still the fucking noise.

    6 months from now... I'm going to change life as you people currently know it.
    You'll just have to wait and see how.

    I'm coming to Jacksonville in a week or so. When all this court bullshit is done.
    For like a two week visit or something.
    Hopefully I'll see some of you.

    Alyce. I miss you.

    I have the dryest skin in all the world.

    thats probably not how you spell dryest. I think its actually driest.
    looks like Dr. Yeast.

    I am still the fucking noise.

    Kool-Aid Stains on my cigarette butts make for pretty looking airplanes.

    Europe is far away.

    I'm learning to know everything by knowing nothing.

    I'm now holding the worlds largest tootsie roll pop.

    But its only stuffed.

    If you havent been able to figure it out by now. I really have nothing to say.
    In fact, I've never had anything to say.
    In fact, if you are still reading this, I've been fooling you for years.

    The akward union of body and mind.

    My house is painted funny colors.

    I've had a girlfriend for four months.

    I don't think Justin wants to live in buffalo anymore.
    Makes me feel like I've done something to abandon him.
    Even worse, makes me feel like I've irreversably changed his life.

    Maybe I'm just paranoid.
    He doesnt want to go anywhere.

    I want to teach someone to tie their shoes.

    I am still the fucking noise.
    (Don't Forget It)


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2005-11-13 00:25 (link)
Andrew.. i love u

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