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Brandon (audirs6) wrote,
@ 2003-01-07 00:33:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Skylarken

    Bugger Off
    I finally heard back from my supervisor today and things sounded odd. She told me that there was more stuff I would have to do before I would be able to make any money. I don't think that sounds logical or right so I've written that off and will be moving on to something a little more sane and normal. I am pretty good acquaintances with one of the managers at French Connection. I think I will talk to her and see if she could give me a job. It would be a great place to work and I would be getting some slick clothes as well.

    My grandmother also came in to town today. I had to pick her up at the airport and take her on up to their house in Scottsdale. I had a nice chat with her over a tasty lunch, so I can't complain. I am not sure how long she will be here, but I'm sure I will spend a good deal of time with her.

    I'm tired now though. I'll type no more.

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