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.:ill be yours if youll be mine:. (atouchoftruth) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 17:23:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:bone thugs n harmony

    this feeling coming over me
    this weekend rocked.. first on Friday kels and i went to the mall and got sum cute stuff. Then we went and picked up Jake and Dillon and went back to our house. We just hung out here you know the usual. But when we got here Kelsey and i went up first with my mom and we heard a scream and at first we just thought it was my dogs cause they always jump up on you when you first come in but then it didnt stop and when my mom came back out of the house she was holding my puppy bam bam and he was dead. it was horrible cause no one knew wat to do cause my mom was like crying hystaricly and we were all really freaked out. so i went down with my mom where she was kneeling in the yard and comferted her. but right as everything was calming down and i was taking her inside the dogs get out of the gate and start running in the street so im trying to run around and get all three dogs out of the road while my moms yelling let them go i dont want them but then she turned and went inside so im by myself trying to get all three dogs but i finally just put them all in the car and dran inside to get Brian to help me. i was soo shook i didnt know what to do. it wasnt that the puppy was dead but to see my mom like that was just like tramatising all i wanted to do was lay down in his arms and just let everything go but i couldnt. and brian wasnt helping so i went back and helped my mom calm down somemore. i wouldnt have cried if i didnt have to be back with her but i seriously thought she was going to commit suicide or something it was just fucking scary. but things calmed down a little. she took back sassy (the dog we think did it) and that gave us all time without her here. it was all fucked up cause i know that none of them knew what to do or think so we kinda acted like nothing happened. later that night we went to the Purple Parrot and all hung out in the outdoor pool til like 11 but the htought of my mom being killed or worse kept coming back into my mind so i checked on her once. then we got back and watched a movie die hard i think and it was really funny cause i was sitting with jake and kels and dillon were sitting together and all that and my mom walks in and we all like move away from eachother and couldnt help but laugh. i fell asleep with him around 2 or 3 and then at 5 i get woken up by dillon and kels hugging me i was like wat the fuck. so i guess they all woke up but me and we messing around or something. then i go out to get a drink of water and on my way back kelsey yelled caitlin jake wants you and i was like waahhh then like i hear you guys need to go to bed and it was my mom i was like ohh shit it was really funny cause kelsey was like laying ontop of dillon on the couch and if she wouldve turned on the light she wouldve seen and they wouldve been busted haha. then we all eventually went to bed. i woke up early and decided to take a shower and as i walk by the living room guess who wakes up but dillon i was like shiiit and started walking really fast but he never mentioned it so i dont think he remembers lol. we just hung out while my mom went to the office and then finally left at like 5 or so. when ever we sat he would like put his arms around me and i looved it so much however much corny that sounds i did. i feel alot more comfertable with him now im glad. then i ended up spending the night at kelseys and we got chickfilla and watched national security with sharon and we were suppose to sneak out but we never did cause they were too tired or something. i wish we wouldve though. we're moving by the 15th im soo happy! that means halloween at the new house! ohh yea and Jake told me he doesnt want me doing ecstacy soo i dont know now. ill have to talk to him. ninas here and my moms bitching at me. ill post more later

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