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.:ill be yours if youll be mine:. (atouchoftruth) wrote,
@ 2003-09-11 11:39:00
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    Quiz to waste time <
    If i could get a tatoo anywhere it would be?: A Cresent moon and star on the underside of my wrist
    Anymore peircings?: my tongue
    Hair color?: maroon maybe or a redish brown
    Eye Color?: my natural one
    Is i could change anythign about my physical appearance it would be?: my stomach
    Worst memory?: My father in his coffin
    R u in love?: mayybe :p
    song that brings tears to your eyes?: like a stone - audioslave
    Last word you said?: i havent talked to anyone this morning
    Last song you sang?: keep singing my song
    Last person you hugged?: Erin
    Last person you said 'I love you' to?: Jake
    Last time you cried?: during the summer {{the insadent with Mom and w/e his name was}}
    What's in your CD player?: xtina xp
    What color socks are you wearing?: none
    What's under your bed: umm clothes some pistures a monkey and an empty bottle
    What time did you wake up today: 9 30 {{skippin school}}
    Current taste: that taste you have when you first wake up
    Current hair: staright down
    Current clothes: heart pajama pants and my bob marley shirt
    Current annoyance: aches
    Current longing: for ppl to get on.. theyr all at school
    Current desktop picture: um this design hard to explain
    Current worry: my bloodtest im getting done
    Current hate: aches
    if you sould live newhere were would it be?: EAst hill i will be living there in a couple months

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hey girl
2003-09-14 15:09 (link)
hey babe! its Lauren Lachowsky! I didn't know you had one of these! add me! we gotta hang out again soon!

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Re: hey girl
2003-10-08 22:15 (link)
Yes i know!! ill add you! we reallly need to go surfing again!

peace <<3 caitlin

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