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.:ill be yours if youll be mine:. (atouchoftruth) wrote,
@ 2003-07-16 00:16:00
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    Current mood: nauseated
    Current music:until you have broken

    sugary sweeet
    1. Name: Caitlin
    2. Birthday: february 21
    3. Zodiac: pices
    4. Nationality: Polish/German/Irish
    5. What time is it: 12 19
    6. Are you sensitive: yes.

    -------Person Who last------
    7. Called you: dillon and blake
    8. Slept in your bed: me
    9. Saw you cry: umm kelsey maybe
    10. Made you cry: cant member
    11.What happened to Question eleven?: this is it?
    12. You shared a drink with: umm ?
    13. Major crushes: ....
    14. Slept with last: no one
    15. Yelled at you: Brian
    16. Sent you mail: Manda

    -------Have you ever-----
    17. Taken a picture of yourself with a milk moustache and sent it to the milk people: no
    18. Said "I love you" and meant it: yes.
    19. Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat etc.: not a fight i get pissed at her
    20. Favorite thing to do on weekends: hang out with friends or go surfing
    21. Favorite School Subject: idk
    22. Herbology: hmmm
    23. Potions: potions are awesoem
    24. Transfiguration: why not
    25. Divination: ?
    26. Is there anymore I forgot: not that i kno of
    27. Danced Naked: couldnt tell ya
    28. Had a dream about something really crazy, then it happens the next day? yea
    29. Stalked someone: kinda lol
    30. Had a mud bath: nope
    31. Wished you were the opposite sex: nope
    33. What time is it now: 12 28
    34. Apples or bananas: apples
    35. Blue or red: blue
    36. Grey or orange: orange
    37. Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley: hogsmeade
    38. Spring or Fall: i like both
    39. Love or hate: love
    40. What are you gonna do after you finish this: talk to ppl
    41. What was the last meal you ate: chinese
    42. Animagus or Marauder: no idea
    43. Are you bored: kinda
    44. How many friends you have: enough
    45. Last duel you saw: cant remeber
    46. Last noise you heard: this song by cursive
    47. Last smell you sniffed: by body spray

    67. What do you think of slugs and other bugs? ugh
    68. What book are you reading now: a series
    69. Nicknames: blue eyes (leslie)
    70. Hair Color: brown
    71. Height: 5'2"
    72. Pets: sasha rachel katie and cinnamon
    73. Siblings: brian and jeb
    74. Been so drunk you blacked out: not yet
    76. Gone out in public in your pajamas: hell yea
    77. Missed school b/c it was raining: hurricane not just rain
    78. Set any body part on fire for amusement: nope
    79. Kept a secret from everyone: many times

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