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.:ill be yours if youll be mine:. (atouchoftruth) wrote,
@ 2003-07-15 12:20:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:sublime

    nobody ever told her its the wrong way..
    First bike: a small one
    First best friend(s): caid and rachel
    First real memory of something: my dad smiling at me
    First car: havent had one yet
    First date: camp cant remember
    First kiss: Dillon
    First break-up: that guy at camp...kris i think
    First job: babysitting the boys
    First screen name: dancer2098
    First self purchased album: ??
    First funeral: my grandmas
    First pet: pepsi
    First piercing/tattoo: my ears
    First independent home: havent had one
    First house/flat/apartment: the keys
    First credit card: dont have one
    First love: havent had one
    First enemy: jonathon from kindergarted lol
    First big trip: delaware or oregon
    First play/musical/performance: talent show
    First musician you remember hearing in your house: jimmy buffet

    last good cry: february
    last library book checked out: pheonix rising
    last movie seen: a guy thing
    last book read: goddess of the night
    last cuss word uttered: damnit
    last beverage drank: water
    food consumed: cereal
    last crush: lets not bring that up.
    last phone call: dillon
    last tv show watched: the tom green show
    last time showered: 10 minutes ago
    last shoes worn: my berkinstoks lol
    last cd played: sublime
    last item bought: those clothes from alloy
    last downloaded: my paper heart or somehtin
    last annoyance: cramps
    last disappointment: not going surfing yesterday
    last soda drank: root beer
    last word written: beer
    last key used: delete
    last word spoken: little
    last sleep: last night
    last im: manda
    last weird encounter: david stone
    last ice cream eaten: cant remember
    last time amused: my mom
    last time wanting to die: never
    last time in love: never
    last time hugged: cant remember
    last chair sat in: the one im in now
    last lipstick used: i dont wear lipstick
    last shirt worn: my yellow spagetti strap
    last time dancing: acouple mintues ago
    last webpage visited: this one

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