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.:ill be yours if youll be mine:. (atouchoftruth) wrote,
@ 2003-07-13 21:44:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:look before you leap-the suicide machines

    its someting about the way you act<
    okay i tried.
    egleast i can say that. but nooo he just has to flirt with me lol not that i mind. i met mike today. we went to the board walk and met him therr. and the whole time there were these two guys im not even gunna guess how old...very old. they were stalking us he whole time! it was kinda nnoying after a while. ad whne kell and i went out on the jet skii there was this guy in a boat with some other guys but he was the only cute one. and we kept riding by him and he waved to m so i waved back lol. Mike and kelly hit it off pretty good. wouldnt say he is hott...just cute. some of the things he would say wold remind me of Ben. i know wierd. kelly said she didnt notice it. but i did. im waiting for mom to get home. and im usually not nevous about staying home alone or nethin but i opend the freezer door and a knife came flying out at me soo ya know it kinda scared me. but shes coming home now. i hope Jake gts back on. hes the only good person to talk to since kelseys at camp for one week! he said he thinks dillon PROBABLY wont cheat on kelsey! omg if he cheated on her it would break her heart. My mom went to this median ( person whocan talk to the dead ) again today with oe of her friends. okay herr friends son comited suicide in 6th grade! that means he was my age!! i just wish that i couldve known him before he did it so maybe i couldve helped. but it happened in april. i dunno. scary shit. but neway i just got done talking to jake and i dont thnk it was him and if it was i have a feeling that hes just playing with my head or something. i hope not. l8r

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