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.:ill be yours if youll be mine:. (atouchoftruth) wrote,
@ 2003-07-13 01:56:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:the tv - mtv

    drunk brothers .. god
    today was good.we had a tropical storm
    thing move thorugh today. and
    we were driving down the street to pi-
    ck up billy and we could only go acouple miles
    per hour cause the wind was so strong so we stopped
    in this Tom Thomb and Brian asked me if i had any pockets
    cause he wanted to get me to steal stuff for him. i was like not
    ah . then my mom told me that she didnt like it when we walk in to places
    that guys would stare at me lol i was like what guys!! it was sooo funny i
    started laughing soo hard i dont know why. but i think im going to try to get
    over him. kelly and i are going to the beach today with mike t. and i
    hope he brings a friend lol but if he doesnt thats cool. kelly had
    mike thou. of course. it doesnt bother me like it does other ppl thou.
    i just hope we have a good time today. then these guys fromgulf breeze
    wouldnt stop im/ing me and they were like telling me what they looked like and all
    that crap. they were saying stuff like im realllly hott and i said im glad ur so confident with
    your self which i mean i think its good to be confident with yourself but not overly
    confident lol. well i better go im leaving for kellys sooon. shes being soo sweet lately.
    i think i might take her to the warped tour with me cause i have to go with briana gavin
    and geoff i hope i can bring someone but i really wana go cause all thses good bands
    are going to be there and i wana see um in concert. and so does kelly cause she likes all the
    same bands as i do. i couldnt believe the all american rejects are going! theyr one of my favorites
    and then less than jake and all these other ones. kelly said autumn to ashes is good and park
    is good but i havent heard them but i guess i will. :D . well ive got to go ill post later

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