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.:ill be yours if youll be mine:. (atouchoftruth) wrote,
@ 2003-07-12 00:17:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:beautiful disasterer - 311

    a beautiful disasterer ..
    i feel annoying.
    sometimes i say things that i think after words that was soo annoying lol.
    sometimes i cant help myself thou i just say things. but others are okay.
    im gunna try reallllly hard not to flirt with him at all cause i just realized
    me to him is like will to me and man i dont want to put anyone throu
    that lol. im sick :( i think i have sun poisining. and then i went and drank
    rum and sprite with brian and it screwed my stomache up even more
    i feel like im guna throw up. we were in this resteraunt for dinner
    and there was this guy towards the back of the room who wouldnt
    quit staring at me it was sooo freakin annoying. i hate when ppl stare
    at me. it soo rude. Kelly likes mike tugwell and yeah i think shell get
    him. its like she can get any guy she meets. even thou Geoff said
    she was a relaly bad kisser lol. course that was like her first kiss i think
    my first kiss dillon said i didnt kiss good cause i didnt 'give enough tongue'
    but watever. i kinda couldnt thou i was too busy choking on his. lol
    i dunnno i was drunk. i can remember some things thou. like some
    of the things i said. i get drunk so easily. i dont kiss many ppl.
    but yeah i wouldnt mind makin out with some guys i know lol.
    im going to the warp tour with geoff gavin and brian this should be fun.
    i might bring lauren cause brian wont let me take ne one else and
    lauren likes the same music i do. less than jakes comin imm so happy!
    i have a feeling everyone will be happy on this trip lol if you know what
    i mean. whos got the herb.?. that explains it all. hehe. Jake says ill get
    chance to smoke pot i dunno wat thats suppose to mean. i think
    maybe next time im with them theyr guna offer me some. ??.
    mayyybee. im not sure what point ill go to and thats what scares me.
    i need to find out though. or maybe i need to do these things once
    to get it over with. ??. there are alota question marks right now.
    i need answers. well gg. Later <

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