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atheihei (atheihei) wrote,
@ 2011-12-05 21:10:00
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    Romantic snowflakes jewelry
    "Sexy" in late autumn, time cycle, a year a rebirth of the party come on again. Halloween, single's day, Thanksgiving in this mysterious filled in Scorpio to challenge your party grade. This season, get rid of the sun and have not freezing blundering, at this moment, as if all of the links of london city's charming qualities are suddenly blossom. In November, Stroili Oro color treasure with its fashionable detached series fashionable attitude and comfortable unruly handsome sex expression deducing the most dazzling will, magnificent fantasy real dreams.
    Violet crystal pure links of london friendship bracelet romance and a slightly charm, is the only natural purple gem, her beautiful, firm, rich spiritual, represent the higher spirit level of love, also known as "loving stone". Stroili Oro selection of global best origin of natural amethyst and rose K gold in combination, atmospheric concise appearance design Mix moist bright circular gem cutting process, take you into the swirl Italian mysterious and irresistible love the honey, no matter you are waiting for love or enjoy the love, immediately and Stroili Oro feeling set amethyst it.
    The beginning of the twentieth Links London Necklaces century, VAN CLEEF & ARPELS began with a small amount of the fusion of the works of Oriental amorous feelings come out, the Chinese elements, Japan feelings, Egypt, India, and other cultural, in its work in succession in present. Along with the brand of the Oriental culture understanding and exploration, its four big garden series of Jardin d "Extreme Orient Oriental garden series, in recent years have links of london bangles launched many eastern style of the works.
    Jewelry will be for the Naga Cinta series 20 section unique jade jewelry to China. John Hardy acme special jewelry series Cinta select the most unique precious gems, is John Hardy all series of to reaches aesthetic assemble. "Cinta" moral love, and each design inspiration is from Guy links of london UK Bedarida personally selected gem, each type of each has a unique name.
    Athens launched a new ") to the panda ", inspiration comes from the panda gave miracle, a lady to with spells, in the bright white dial, use of a large number of black, white diamond, described the panda mom and baby pandas eat bamboo of the warm sweet story.

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