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Cho Chang (seeker_chang) wrote in astronomy_tower,
@ 2003-07-09 23:26:00
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    Current mood: amused

    In case anyone wants to read it (hope you don't mind, Summer!)

    Bill: ::Leather pants in full effect, he makes his way through the Ravenclaw common room after charming the portrait for the password, then smirks and walks up the stairs to the girls' dorm without incident, a little trick he picked up from Charlie. Quietly, he finds Cho's bed and
    pokes his head around the curtains and grins:: Fancy meeting you here.

    Cho ::turns, startled, letting out a small scream:: Proffesor Weasley! Err..Bill! How did you get in here?

    Bill: ::grins:: Oh, I know and old trick or two. Am I interrupting anything important?

    Cho: ::glances around:: No, I was just...well, no. ::grabs his arm and pulls him into the curtains:: Quickly, come in here before Marietta or anyone comes back and catches you!

    Bill: ::laughs, performing a quick silencing spell:: Right. Because catching me in your bed is going to look much better. But you're right.

    Cho: Anyway, I was going to head out to Hogsmeade. It's Sunday afternoon and it's warm out and a nice, lazy afternoon. Would you care to come with me?

    Cho: :blushes slightly:: Of course! Do you think that Professor Dumbledore will mind?

    Bill: I'm sure he won't. But he doesn't even have to know. ::winks::

    Cho: I...guess. What he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

    Bill: Don't worry. I wouldn't get you in trouble. Professors have certain privileges; it's all okay.

    Cho: Oh, okay then! ::smiles shyly at him:: How are we going to get out of here without it looking questionable?

    Bill: ::performs a quick blending spell on you:: I'll meet you downstairs. Fancy flying over there? It's been too long since I've been on my broom.

    Cho: ::looks down at her feet and giggles at the fact that they match her persian rug:: Of course! I'm always up for flying!

    Bill: One of these days, I'll show you some *really* good uses for this spell. ::grins, then ushers your out and in a few minutes, meets you outside. Having simply walked out of the dorm, he ran into a student and assured her he was only doing inspections, much to her amusement::

    Cho: ::raises an eyebrow:: Is that a promise, Bill?

    Bill: Of course. I'm a Weasley; it's my job to spread a bit of trouble around.

    Cho.: Well, of course I know that! I've never really met any of your brothers personally- except for Percy, and, well, that's a bit different isn't it?

    Bill: Percy's a different breed, that's for certain. One day, though, I suspect he'll loosen up. I hope so, at least. Charlie and I've been at it for years. ::mounts his broom::

    Cho: :: nods and mounts her broom as well :: Well, shall we go? I haven't been to Hogsmeade since last year!

    Bill: ::kicks off the ground, very much at ease on his broom, clearly enjoying the ride::

    Cho: :: stares after Professor Weasley and then kicks off, effortlessly catching up to him ::

    Bill: When's your next Quidditch match, Cho?

    Cho: In two weeks. Against, Slytherin, actually ::winces::

    Bill: You'll be fine. For all his bravado and posturing, he's honestly not that great at Quidditch.

    Cho: Who, Draco? he's not a horrendous player - - he just has some trouble flying properly with that big head of his

    Bill: ::laughs:: I'm sure it creates odd wind currents when he gets up high.

    Cho: :: laughs too :: And it must weigh him down - perhaps that's why his broom is always beaten by my Cleansweep!

    Bill: ::sighs:: He could be so much more, you know? He's a smart kid, charismatic, powerful...and he's throwing it all away. I can't help but feel badly for him.

    Cho: I agree. I met his Father once. You can't help but feel sorry for Draco after meeting Mr. Malfoy.

    Bill: ::surprised:: You met Lucius?

    Cho: Yes. Just before my second year at Hogwarts, with my Mum and Dad. I had the misfortune of bumping into him in Madame Malkin's, making him drop something that he was carrying. I've never seen anyone that angry before- I thought that surely he was going to hex me into the oblivion, but a wizard from the Minstry entered.

    Bill: ::shakes his head:: That family's a shame. And you're right; you can't help but feel sympathetic for Draco. ::flies lower to the ground, landing softly beside The Three Broomsticks::

    Cho.: ::lands right behind Bill:: Well, we're here! Where should we go first?

    Bill: Madame Bertha's. ::grins:: That's where I always get my Muggle music from.

    Cho: Alright! Are you looking for anything in particular?

    Bill: I've special ordered some things. Some Led Zepplin, some CCR, some AC/DC, and this new man I just heard about, Billy Joel. Ever heard of him?

    Cho: Yes, of course! I really enjoy Billy Joel.

    Bill: Is he any good? I had a friend recommend him to me, so I thought I'd give him a try.

    Bill: Do you have any other recommendations? Madame Bertha usually keeps some music on hand, as well.

    Cho: Well, lately I've been getting into muggle "pop" music, and something they call Broadway ::looks away sheepishly::

    Cho: It doesn't have the same artistic quality, but it's still pretty good

    Bill: Broadway?

    Cho: Apparently it's a street in New York city where muggles go to see theatre - a muggle art, as the case may be - and in Broadway they sing

    Bill: ::grins as he heads into the store:: I thought it sounded familiar. That's the genre of that new film that came out, erm...All That Jazz, wasn't it? It had that one song about all the ways Muggles wives kill their husbands. Quite entertaining, if a little morbid.

    Cho: oh! I've heard of that one! Although wasn't it called...Detroit? My favourite muggle film is called "Grease" - quite an accurate view of common muggle life, I believe.

    Cho: Who knew that they sang so much on a day-to-day basis?

    Bill: Hmm. Might've been. ::laughs:: I know. Seems like such a carefree life, to be singing all the time. Apparently, they also do a lot of shopping, from what i can tell. Very odd indeed. I haven't heard of Grease, though. I'd like to take a look at it.

    Cho: Yes, they seem to be constantly shopping! And some of the expressions they use are just down right confusing... Whassup? Whatev?

    Bill: ::nods, entering the shop and rifling through the stacks of CDs:: It's like their own language, sometimes.

    Cho: Yes, it is! :: picks up a CD and reads the title out loud :: Creedence Clearwater Revival. Have you heard of them?

    Bill: ::grins:: CCR. They're one of my favorite bands, actually. ::rifles through some more, produces a CD called Chronicle:: This is the best one, in my opinion. It even has a song about magic.

    Cho: Really? wow! Think I can borrow it sometime? I'm really interested in how muggles would view magic.

    Bill: ::adds it to the pile in his hands:: Nope. You need your own copy, it's that good. ::leans in and whispers:: It's even about a love spell. ::winks::

    Cho: :: blushes and takes the CD from him :: Well, I'll just have to take this then!

    Bill: ::keeps looking, rifling through CDs, then turns to you:: Okay, I'm out of ideas. Recommend something.

    Bill: Recommend something bad, and you fail my class. ::laughs::

    Cho.: :: laughs, and then smiles sweetly. She finds Celine Dions "Falling into you" and hands it to him:: She can sing amazingly. The power in her words- it's breath taking.

    Bill: Ahh, she's French. I've always been a fan of French music.

    Cho: French Canadian, at that! I adore Canadians- they seem to have wonderful Quidditch teams, and their accents are charming.

    Bill: Aboot. ::grins:: I worked with a Canadian wizard for a bit in Egypt and yes, he had a charming accent. A bit odd at first.

    Cho: Really? how interesting! Will you do me a favour, Bill?

    Bill: Of course.

    Cho: Tell me about Egypt? I've never been, but of course I'd love to go.

    Bill: Egypt was amazing. ::as he speaks, he picks up a couple of random CDs and adds them to the pile:: it was completely different from Europe. The culture was so different, really big on mythology, very spiritual in a way that's always fascinated me about Muggles.

    Bill: They had incredible traditions and festivals and art. I've never seen anything more beautiful than the jewels and statues and art I saw in the tombs.

    Cho: :: entranced :: It sounds so lovely- I've seen pictures in books, but pictures could never be the same as actually being there.

    Bill: If you'd like, I'll show you some of the pictures I took. It was so amazing. I miss it., sometimes. It was always an adventure. By comparison, Hogwarts seems so mundane.

    Bill: But being away from the danger is great for my mother.

    Cho: Of course I'd love that! I can imagine your Mum is happy to have more of her children home

    Bill: She is. She's quite happy, says I'm on my way to settling down.

    Cho.: Settling down? do you really think so? I guess it would be nice to see one of her sons married, though- Charlie's not, is he?

    Bill: No, he's not. And I'm...certainly far from it. Just don't tell my mum. She's still waiting for a pack of Weasley grandchildren. I keep telling her they'd all be hellions like me, but that doesn't deterr her at all.

    Cho.: :: smiles :: Can you imagine what it will be like when you all have children? I bet they'll all have that Weasley red hair, too

    Bill: ::laughs, running his hand through his hair self-consciously:: Poor things. ::pays for all the CDs and hands you yours:: There you go.

    Cho: :: crosses her arms across herself and pouts :: You're not allowed to pay for mine, Bill!

    Bill: It's a little late to be arguing. And now, I'm going to buy you butterbeer at the Broomsticks, unless you'd like to object.

    Cho: Yes, I would like to object! :: laughs :: Let me buy the drinks- it's the least that I could do for my favourite professor!

    Bill: ::smiles, making his way across the street to the Broomstick:: Favourite, huh?

    Cho: Of course! Who did you think my favourite was, Snape?

    Cho: :: immediately corrects herself :: That is to say, Professor Snape...

    Bill: ::laughs:: He's not all that bad...sometimes.

    Cho: I'm sure he can be.....okay.

    Bill: He has his moments. ::opens the door for you, waving at Rosmerta::

    Cho: :: smiles, swooning :: Thank you. Where should we sit?

    Bill: ::motions to a table toward the back:: That looks good.

    Cho: Okay. What would you like?

    Bill: ::automatically:: Firewh--actually, just a butterbeer. Thanks.

    Cho: You're sure? It's okay, you can drink with me here. I may not be legal, but you are Bill.

    Bill: No, that would be highly improper. ::grins:: but thanks.

    Cho.: :: smiles :: Okay, then. I'll go tell Rosmerta.

    Bill: Thanks!

    :: Cho leaves, speaks to Rosmerta and then returns ::

    Bill: Thank you. ::takes a sip, leaning back into his chair:: It's nice to get away from school for a bit. It almost feels like I'm a student again.

    Cho: It is nice to get away from school - I love classes, but sometimes it all gets to be too much. Especially with the way some of the other students treat me now...

    Bill: Treat you now?

    Cho: after...last year.

    Bill: Oh. I'm sorry, Cho. That must have been horrible. ::stops: Or is that the reaction you get from everyone?

    Cho:The reaction is different from everyone, I guess. Sometimes people stare, others are sympathetic, almost pitying. Harry will barely look at me

    Bill: Really? ::didn't expect that at all:: I'm sure it makes it a lot harder to get over, doesn't it?

    Cho: I'm not sure. I've never been through anything like this before- I'm not sure I ever really will get over it. Ced was my closest friend.

    Bill: ::clearly speaking from experience:: It's hard to lose someone you really care about. I think you're right; you never really get over it, you just sort of learn to live with it.

    Bill: It sounds trite, but it gets a little easier every day. Sometimes time is the best magic.

    Cho: :: smiles, hope shining in her eyes :: I sure hope so. You sounds as if you know what you're talking about, anyway.

    Bill: ::nods slowly:: I do, yeah.

    Bill: So if there's anything I can do to help, I know what I'm talking about.

    Cho.: :: smiles yet again :: Thank you, Bill

    Bill: Anytime. I understand how difficult it can be. But. On to happier topics. This is strictly a fun trip.

    Bill: Are you going home for the holidays?

    Cho: I'm not sure yet. My Mum and Dad might be travelling over the holidays, so probably not. How about you?

    Bill: I will, for a bit of the holidays. I think I'll spend some time here, have some time to myself.

    Cho: Oh, that will be nice! :: drains the bottom of her Butterbeer ::

    Bill: ::finishes his up, checks his watch:: It's getting late. We should probably head back.

    Cho.: :: reluctuantly :: Yes, I guess so...

    Bill: We'll do this again some time, if you want. It was a nice break.

    Cho: thank you, I'd like that!

    Cho.: :: pays Rosmerta for the drinks and stands up to leave ::

    Bill: ::follows you out, mounting his broom:: Ready?

    Cho: :: mounts hers, as well :: yes!

    Bill: ::kicks off, enjoying his last few minutes of freedom, watching the ground pass by beneath him::

    Cho: :: Flies along beside Bill, watching the ground but more focused on her companion out of the corner of her eye::

    Bill: ::he sighs a bit when the school comes in sight, starting his descent, watching to make sure you're okay beside him::

    Cho.: :: Smiles at Bill for the fiftieth time when he looks at her and then lands softly ::

    Bill: ::lands beside her, making his way up to the castle::

    Cho: :: walks beside him quietly, enjoying the comfortable silence ::

    Bill: ::stops in the hallway:: Well, I suppose this is it. Thank you, Cho. I had a really good time.

    Cho: Thank you, I did too! :: looks around quickly before rising up on her toes and kissing Bill quickly on the cheek ::

    Cho: Goodnight!

    Bill: ::smiles and waves, watching her as she leaves::

    Cho: :: walks back to her dormitory, smiling the whole way ::

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2003-07-10 22:30 (link)
It's fine with me. I actually thought about posting it, and then spaced it out, so thanks!

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2003-07-11 17:34 (link)
Hahaha...well, all is well anyhow :)

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2003-07-11 12:04 (link)
HEEE!! Cho is such a suck-up, yo. *pets her*

Cho: oh! I've heard of that one! Although wasn't it called...Detroit? My favourite muggle film is called "Grease" - quite an accurate view of common muggle life, I believe.

Cho: Who knew that they sang so much on a day-to-day basis?

Bill: Hmm. Might've been. ::laughs:: I know. Seems like such a carefree life, to be singing all the time. Apparently, they also do a lot of shopping, from what i can tell. Very odd indeed. I haven't heard of Grease, though. I'd like to take a look at it.

HAHAHA You two are great.

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2003-07-11 17:35 (link)
*hugs you* *pets Harry*

thank you!

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