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..../[j][e][n] <--- (xcurliqtyx) wrote in astrology,
@ 2003-07-09 12:32:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Staind *Price to Play*

    horoscope- - ->>You've got plenty of questions today but aren't quite sure where to go for the answers. A single source may not have all the information you need, but once you have a starting point, one contact will lead to another. Beware of discounting information that runs counter to your impressions or inclinations. The whole point of this inquiry is to learn. If you wall yourself off from the knowledge you're seeking, you may as well abandon the effort altogether.

    couples horoscope- - ->>Go to the other person's house for a change. Visit the family of someone that's special to you. The more you understand where your sweetheart is coming from, the stronger your love grows. Wear your best face.

    teen horoscope- - ->>Feel like there are too many unanswered questions in your life? A lot of those could be resolved just from talking to the right people. Don't be afraid to ask.

    flirt horoscope- - ->>Don't take what you see at face value. When presented with a problem you will need to look beyond what you see on the surface. Use your smarts to figure out what's really going on.

    quickie- - ->>Connect through buzzword to peel back the wrapping. A curious mind is always hungry.

    --im tryin to think if i really have any unanswered questions. i think i do... maybe about my family and my boyfriend. and maybe about my own life like why am i here? why do i just keep living? and why do i feel the way i feel sometimes??

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2003-08-03 13:23 (link)
hey just curious where did u find ur horoscope?

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