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Ash (ashtai) wrote,
@ 2004-05-06 22:42:00
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    Long Time No Write...
    wow, sure has been a long time since I have updated. But, here is the update now!
    Guess I have been spending a little too much time over at getting my diary there all sorted out.
    Its kinda like having my own little web page though, and the only thing there is nothing about my life, just my writings. Though... the wonders of
    ^_^ hehe. Neat huh?
    In other news, mom found out, I have not been taking my pills, blah blah blah, i have been leaving the house more oftened to climb the chain link fence, and sit in the tall grass fields, and have thinking time there.
    And these Saturday I have to wear a freakin skirt for brothers graduation. Whoo Hoo! Have to travel all the 6 hour trip in a small car to get there too. Thank Gods/Goddess's for such things as gum, magazines, and books (I can read in a car and not get sick!)
    So i'm going to be gone for Friday (get to miss school! *smile) to like Sunday morning. Hopefully be back around 5 p.m because sometimes the RP meetings will start off, and after having to miss the last one I want to be there for the next one! Thats all for now!

    ~ Ash

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