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ashley (ashleyangell) wrote,
@ 2003-06-14 00:02:00
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    Current mood: blah

    zero fat, 120 calories and mmm mmm good.
    i'm eating rice chex and drinking strawberry banana juice. could life get any better?! sure it could. a lot better. today just was NOT my day. i worked 12:30-9:20, for starters. people really piss me off. honestly. i wanted to just cry. everything was just adding up and i was sick of it all.
    1. people leave tons of clothes in the fitting rooms! *clean up after yourself. i am there to ring up your purchases, not to clean up after you and your mess. i'd hate to see your house!*
    2. people say, "were there coupons in the paper that i forgot about?" we tell them that there are. and they ask "do you have any extras?" if we had extras, damn, we'd just have a sign in the front of the store that said "take 25% off of sale priced merchandise!!!" we don't just give the discount away, you morons!
    3. it is impossible to work by yourself in ANY department on a friday night. absolutely impossible. if only the manager knew how big of a favor i did for her by working the shift i did instead of a much better shift of 4:30-8:30. what would she have done then?! and since i was so kind to do that for HER, why couldn't she get someone to work with ME?! is that so hard to do?!
    4. i took my lunch early (at 2:45 instead of 4) so kyle and i could eat lunch and he wouldn't have to wait and starve until then. and i go in there and wait for 20 minutes until he could actually leave. it's not his fault. not at all. just the fact that a co-worker of his had been gone an hour and kyle wanted to go. but anyways, by the time we ordered our food, i had 15 minutes to wait for it and eat. kyle ended eating his and mine because i had to go back to work. *but hey, now i have chex.*
    enough numbering my things. i quit complaining. now for something funny. they have belly button rings in the mall, right? right. well kayla and brock came in to bergners and i was talking to them and kayla told me that the place had a really "dirty" ring. and i didn't know what she was talking about. i mean, it's a belly button ring. how bad could it be? well, on my break, i ventured on down and i came to find out that well, there is one of people having sex. yep. thats right. they are having sex on a belly ring. crazy, huh? that was the highlight of my day. woooo!
    GUESS WHAT?! we caught my stalker. haha. my buddy jenny and he sister laura tricked him. yay! laura pretended to be me and told him she was going to give him my number but it was the police station and he called. LMAO! anyways, he gave her my password and she changed it for me. he still thinks he was talking to me. it's really hard for a lot of you to laugh as hard as us 3 did only because we know the major details but, still. it was classic. so i have my old aim sn back. if you want it, danielle, let me know and i'll give it to you. until then, i'm done updating for now. i don't know if i'll be on tomorrow night. it depends if my mom lets me stay at kyle's after the jacuzzi party. yay! swim swim swim. wooo! adios!
    <3 ash!

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