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ashley (ashleyangell) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 01:10:00
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    Current mood: thirsty

    yay chels said i looked cute today. i looked cute. woooohooo! anyways, besides my cuteness, my leg hurts. david, kyle's friend, opened the car door yesterday and smacked me in the leg. it hurt. i have this huge ol' bruise now. and to make matters worse, justin, another of his friends... poked it after he threw me into the chair and i bumped my elbow. i'm just a mess!
    oh my gosh! i had the worst experience ever today. so i was driving home from justins tonight and just as i thought i made it home without any bumps or bruises i see a guy standing on the hill coming into town on route 6. yes. a guy. standing there with his arms crossed. right in my lane. what's a girl to do in a moment like that? noticing him just before i almost smashed the guy, i swerved into the other lane and beeped my horn very loud. as if i can change the volume of my horn. i'm silly. but after it happened, i started crying. he wasn't standing there to get honked at. he was standing there to get hit. he didn't even budge or blink when he saw me. the poor guy wanted to die. unless he was drunk. because you do know, our county is the king of bars which brings drunks too. so, i don't know. i came home bawling and i told my mom but all she said was, "you gotta be careful. at least you didn't hit him." that'snot the point though. there's something wrong when you see a guy on a busy highway just standing there. meh. nothing i can do now, i guess.
    so yeah. i'm glad i saw chelsea today. i missed her. i remember when me, her, and annee used to go get ice cream and drive around. remember our picnic by the river?! aww, that was fun. and our song,"ride wit me". go nelly. woooo! we had the funnest times. i miss them. now we both have boyfriends of over a year. and well, we've drifted. i'm always with kyle and his friends. what about mine? argh! we'll do something. i even miss hanging out with kasey...when she liked me. but that's beside the point. i remember she used to like kyle and i was like,"nooo, he's mine" even before we were dating. it kind of made me feel bad when he told me he liked me and kasey was there. i think she cried. sorry (even though you're not reading this)!
    saturday, jacuzzi party at justin's mom's house. she's going to be gone. sweeeeeeeet! he told me 'guys only' so i told him i was a guy. and then he told kyle. gawsh. you don't go tell somebody their girlfriend is a guy. haha. i'm a girl. i promise. i'm so pumped.i work til 9 but i'm still pumped. i can wear my cute swimsuit. yay! as long as there are more girls there than there were yesterday. needless to say, i was the only one. i can be a dork, lemme tell ya.actually, everyone that reads this could tell ya. to tell you the truth, i didn't need to tell ya. i could've stopped before i told you. yep. but then i wouldn't have gotten to take up so much room writing about how much of a dork i am. before i scare all of ya, i'm done! byeeeeeeee!
    *ashie! <3 ky-oh!

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Ah, no, brain-freeze!
2003-06-11 02:45 (link)
Oh Ashie, my Ashie. I have a super-brain-freeze, hence the subject, so please pardon my grammar. (I suddenly had a craving for a I got one. Whee...)

I miss you too!! lol We really should go out sometime. Ditch the boyfriends for a night and just be girls. My mom accused me last week of becoming "one of those girls who doesn't have girlfriends...just a boyfriend." And I guess she was sorta right...I mean, I don't regularly hang out with my girl friends, but...that's beside the point. I'm rambling again.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning me. *woo!* Oh, and that thing with the guy...that's freaky. I'm glad you're alright. *hugs* I should be going to bed now...I've been on way longer than I wanted to be. Oh well!! *waves* Bye Ash!!

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2003-06-11 03:04 (link)
Does Ashie miss me?!?!?!

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