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Chi Chi (artspoken) wrote,
@ 2003-02-03 01:19:00
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    He cursed me when he said "I'll always be the one you'll remember"
    There it is
    calling me, speaking softly to me, drawing me towards it, making my stomach hurt, giving me butterflies
    Of course what I truly want I can't have- neither hazel boy, nor a breakdancer nor a Rocky can ruin ya steez- I want u with a yearning thats unstoppable it has consumed me and I'm in too deep- why I want you I don't know- I can't explain it- I thought I knew it all... after I was reborn... but everything I had written u erased and instead of writing that shit down with magic markers- my thoughts are corrupted by a love affair that seems to only have been possible in my mind. In my most erotic thoughts and my deepest desires never did I think that it would be someone like you that would have the ability to unlock what I burned and scattered in the past. I guess I stay away from you because I'm already in love with you, what am I to do if I tasted you only to be told there was a famine and I am to starve?
    You got me addicted to you, your voice makes my knees weak and my strong resolve weaker than jello. All rational thought disappears out of my strength and you have me acting like a jealous cat- so jealous it drives me insane- yet at the same time I dunno if I wanna rip your eyes out for toying with me or to allow you to drown deep into me. I want to make love to you until I see the sun rise in the pools of your eyes, I yearn to taste your lips and drink in all and everything that you have to offer. I have grown to want u that it hurts...
    How did this ever happen? Am I disillusioned or are my instincts honing in on what I truly want and need.. even if it's only one night perhaps that is all I need to cure my addiction- the farther I think I am getting with getting over you- the closer your strength attracts me like a magnet.. "Just when I was out, they pull me back in"

    I don't think I can survive not only having shared my soul to you but to also share my body with you only to have just a taste of your kiss? I can't have a taste I'm a greedy ass bitch I want all of you. I am addicted to you and that is what keeps me away.

    I have never had anything consume me that it has taken over all rational thought-

    But as each day passes the more I try to place others in ur place the stronger the yearning becomes...

    So what am I to do?

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2003-02-11 18:51 (link)
let your soul run free, or your mind will evaluate it to shit.


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