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Adrien (artfulsadism) wrote,
@ 2003-10-18 18:39:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Schwein, "Slip".


    67.10.49.# using an ISP, Central Standard time zone?


    I see you've been here more than once.


    You need to understand something. I am very paranoid about my private journals. I worry about people at work finding it, about my friends--both real-world and online--finding it, basically about anyone other than people I've given it to or random strangers finding it.

    So when someone starts repeat visiting, someone whose IP I don't recognize, you can see why I'd be a little suspicious. So I'd appreciate it if you identified yourself and told me why you've come back here when there's nothing here to entertain anyone.

    Thanks. Ciao.

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Is that me???
2003-10-19 01:28 (link)
Oh hi! I'm sorry if I made you paranoid... I think that's *my* isp number thingy... It's just that once your journal was on that front page part of blurty, and I have this weird habit of checking out other people's journals, and I liked your layout. Once again, sorry if I made you paranoid, I don't know you, if that's what you're worried about.

Plus, I thought your entries were interesting. I won't come back if it makes you uncomfortable. I didn't mean for it to be like that... Sorry again.

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Re: Is that me???
2003-10-19 01:40 (link)
~checks the sitemeter~ Yep, that was you.

I was paranoid before you, darlin', and it's not really anything to apologize for; the rather hostile tone taken was in case the visitor happened to be someone that I know, as I have the kind of friends--and ex-friends--who aren't known for respecting privacy. Especially since I started updating from work, where the office network is partially monitored and half of us are computer geniuses capable of sneaking onto each others' desktops to see what we're doing and leave little messages to amuse each other.

I've been meaning to make this friends-only for a while for those reasons, so now I just finally got off my ass and did it with a little spurring from you, so you really did me a favor--but I don't mind strangers; just people I know, as they generally have ulterior--and rather spiteful--motives. If you want, drop your Blurty UN here and I'll friend you so you can see.

I'm actually surprised that someone finds my entries interesting. Aiyah.

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Re: Is that me???
2003-10-30 11:54 (link)
Guess this one should say why she's been here now *smiles* Did a search on Blurty for submission and your journal came up *smiles* and poof here this one is. The first time, You had not done anything here, now today when searching again, it showed you had just updated it a few mins ago, so came to read as originally my journal was started because of Master wanting me to keep one.
Thank You for allowing me here.

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