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a new machine (arollingstone) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 15:51:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:sun king - the beatles

    my f-f-first entry, people.
    ...did one of those "put your music on random and see what the first 15 songs that play are." here goes nothin, eh?
    1. young lust - pink floyd
    2. a kind of magic - queen
    3. going down slow - clapton
    4. blues before sunrise - clapton
    5. us and them - pink floyd
    6. bohemian rhapsody - queen
    7. anyone for tennis - cream
    8. tonight ill be staying here with you - dylan
    9. angie - rolling stones
    10. why dont we do it in the road - beatles
    11. cops theme - cartman (funny shit, man.)
    12. when the levee breaks - zeppelin
    13. mrs robinson - simon and garfunkel
    14. setting me up - dire straits
    15. mama kin - aerosmith

    to be completely honest, i'm not that disappointed with the outcome. i know it's supposed to be all "oh how embarrasing! people should never know that i like that song", but oh well. hm, not much has been going on..i mean, it's vacation, people. leaving for florida in two, coun'em, two days. man it'll be great: warmth, ocean...oh yes. well, im off.

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