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Deadened Glow (arjuna) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 13:52:00
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    Current mood: irritated

    what not to be if you are in a band
    there's a local band that i like very much, called necktie suicide. everyone in the band is nice, kinda strange but nice. i like most of the band members, except one.
    andrew, the bassist. i don't like the way he acts, he has the rock star attitude, seems like a superiority complex, but not that bad. i just can't stand him anymore. it's just sad, people shouldn't act all high and mighty when one is in a rock/metal band. there are people out there that are better than you.
    he is rude to my friends....sabrina and danielle in particular. he fucked around with them, broke sabrina's pipe, when they told that they didn't want to see him and just be friends, he stopped talking to them completely. i'm sure there's more to it, but he just seems downright rude when that happens.
    he's even worse when he's high and drunk....i'm not going into what he did, but after that i deleted him from phonebook on my cell and just ignored him, i still do. i only talk to him only when i have pictures to show him (btw, there are some on the necktie website).
    he thinks i'm scared of him....too funny, if he knew what i really thought of him, maybe he would be scared of me or maybe change the way he acts towards the female species. i told him that i was slightly intidimated by the way he acts sometimes.
    he irritates me.....i think that's how i feel towards him.
    i think corey taylor from slipknot is nicer than him.

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