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Chris (arizonaicedtea) wrote,
@ 2006-02-03 01:33:00
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    Current mood: confused

    This poem is a Semi-Finalist to win $10,000!
    Depress the Care

    Leaping hopefully beneath the sky
    In vermilion shy lithe dye
    As if to be inconspicuous
    When mutterings are not enough
    She steals away lust shards to lie

    Careful not to let it end
    Ravaged, raped, the mind distend
    Distant sores reach oily pools
    Encompassing universal fools
    For the lie did never die

    To hate the fear and loathe the hate
    Pressure bows to some odd fate
    Blue sowings from her eyes now lift
    Love screams in pain as we open the rift
    Left alone scattered,

    Now for anyone who is actually reading this, I have a question (feel free to post your thoughts).

    They will be publishing this poem for free in a poetry compilation book regardless of whether or not I win, but my question is this: Is it worth it to an impoverished college student such as I to spend $25 on an entire page dedicated to my own 100 word commentary to be published alongside this poem?
    So many arguments flow through my mind: I would receive more publicity, more notice, and a tiny sliver extra of my own slice of tasty fame pie. I would have the thouroughly enjoyable pleasure of kicking out at least one page the other poet's would have used. People who may be intriguiged to know more about me will have the added chance to half-assedly skim through the first sentence of my paragraph, before turning the page in the name of all-American impatient dickholishness.

    But it costs money, MONEY! Hell if I knew they'd be giving me $10,000 right now I'd write them a whole freaking Research Paper on the mating habbits of Quails... but I suppose thats not the point.

    Well, you kiddies converse and delineate on the topic. Off you go

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2006-02-03 13:06 (link)
If you like The Used, you should definantly join the_used_.
We're trying to make it an active community again, and to do so we need more members.

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