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girls just wanna have fun :D (arieleliza) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 21:16:00
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    Current mood:flirty
    Current music:cindi lauper- GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN

    girls just wanna have fun :D
    hey journal !! long time no entries hey ?! well today is definantly a good day to write about. I finally got to see dru and amanda after not seeing them for so long :) but i went to the beach with carly,amanda,dru and jackie. and we tanned and layed like naked babies !! we all took our tops off and just soaked up those florida rays. it was so funny. and we layed in the sexy model water that carly and amanda discovered. were all gonna go to the nude beach one day its gonna be so fun !!! tomarrow im getting my hair highlighted and cut and im going to orientation.. and im going back to cypress middle :D hmm im also going to target and tj maxx and to my aunts house over in the cape. so its gonna be an insane day. insane, my favorite word. and girls just wanna have fun, my favorite song !!! ive been talking to patrick a lot lately and i totally adore that boy. hes so awsome, i cant wait until i see him again !! but now im gonna go and watch the rest of pepsi smash..woo hooooo

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2003-08-06 21:42 (link)
I LOVE YOU ARIEL <3 trishelle heh ( dru ) _

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2003-08-10 20:17 (link)
hey arielle
man o man
was that funnnnn!
god i love tanning with ya ! ! ! ! !
im gonna miss ya this year!
<3 -Jackoline

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2003-08-23 15:32 (link)
ARIEL !!!!! hey sweety its allie !! aw i love you soo much .. we only met like 2 weeks ago and i feel so close with ya ;D volleyball rocks !! and you know a+b=a+b ... heh BFFE lol luv ya <3333 allie .. ps ADD ME!!

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