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Steve (argo) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 20:06:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:The Jump Off by Lil Kim

    Extreme Bordem
    Well today has been very uneventful as to say. I help two of my now married wicca lesbian friends move into their new two bedroom apartment. But whatever. I still had to do most of the moving and it really sorta pissed me of. Sorta... Well anyway now I am extremely bored and have a full tank of gas I think I just might drive to Odessa or Midland and get a good cup of coffee or something. No clue might just drive around for no reason at all, just cause I am very very very very bored. Well anyway I hope things turn out to be more exciting so I can fill this thing with more info on my life. But or less it isn't exciting so well I guess I better go. Till next time folks.

    P.s. I put a secret alter ego on this website try to find it. If you read most of my journal entries it souldn't be that hard to find it. Well gotta go. -.-... I need some major sleep.........

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Hi Cutie, remember me?
2003-07-31 03:19 (link)
hi sweet boyfriend of mine. welll i havent talked to you in awhile, well i hope you enjoyed yourself today. i heard you went to odessa or something. anyways, only 2 more days baby and im back home. try to see if you cna come over on saturday or something, or this weekend if you can. but ill ttyl. aight. take care sweetie. remember that, i love you. say hi to muffins for me and give him a kiss for me. take care babe. ttyl. *mauh* i gotta go to bed its 2:19 a.m. bye.

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Re: Hi Cutie, remember me?
2003-07-31 15:03 (link)
HIde HO!!! Hello my lil cream puff, I am goin to Odessa today but yeah I miss you too. anyway I may not be able to visit ya. My parents are being uber asses. But Hopefully i can figure somethin out alright.Love Love Love!

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Re: Hi Cutie, remember me?
2003-07-31 16:41 (link)
hey stevie, well there was a change of plans. i'm not leaving til saturday so yah. i might go to odessa on sunday, if my mom wants to go so i can shopping for school clothes. so maybe we can meet up at the mall or something, but try to see if you can go see me cause i really wanna see you. i was gonna tlak to you, but when i get online you got off. ill talk to you later baby. *muah*. bye

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Re: Hi Cutie, remember me?
2003-08-03 22:26 (link)
ahhh so sorry I couldn't meeet yout there babe I just barely checked my email. Damn I hope we can do it sooner sometime. well I gotta jet now till next time!

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