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Steve (argo) wrote,
@ 2003-05-21 22:57:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    Well today I had fun went to Midland, a city that has the biggest mall in a fifty mile area and shopped for graduation stuff with one of my newest friends Susan. After shopping our hearts out and checking out and hitting on cute guys we went to a coffee shop and got two cold italian sodas. Yummie!! Mine was cherry and hers was strawberry, yup yup she got to eat my cherry too... Hee hee ^.^! Well after that we took off to Wally MART!!! And got some nail accesories besides that it has been a really good day!

    On a another note I have just realized that my thoughts just seem to stream together and aren't really separated and ordered. So I decided to actually use paragraphs to make my train of thought a bit more readable. Anyway I guess I should finish my families life story. Yippee... -.-
    Too finish up we are nearly up to now. After that Summer o'Love, as I like to call it, school was totally diffrent. For one I actually noticed when chicks or guys hit on me. Though I had to pay attention to my scores in school rather than find my next fuck buddy. So it went all well and dandy until I met my sorta first real boyfriend, I consider him a my first bf cause I didn't go out with him just for sex.
    Chance Green someting or the other was his name and even though I thought things were going fine he dumped me the lil' brat, saying that we didn't click. Though it really was because he didn't get sex on the first date. After that I didn't date anybody else. I guess I grew a bit bitter and still am a lil' bit. But I guess things like that just happen. So after that I just sorta drifted until now, when I find the place where I can bitch, whine, and scream out how unjust the world is!!!

    Though I have to say there are some things which I do not like and will not talk about on in this journal or else may just bitch more about than other things if they piss me off enough:
    1 country music, it must die a slow painful death as demon muffins stab it with plastic sporks in hell.
    2 the political turmoil in this country, I will bitch more then not talk about it, probably cause it gets me really annoyed on how our country is so.... Never mind I'll talk about it later
    3 anti-gay groups, you all piss me off, and I hate the way you think, not you the person just you thoughts and actions to other human beings, screw you for hating people who are diffrent from you.
    4 most religions, Even though i think this may make some people mad I really don't like christianity in general, not cause I'm gay, just cause of the hundreds of years of blood spilt in the name of the religion, and most religions that cause other people to be persecuted and oppressed. If anybody wants to know I am a nice neutral agnostic. i question the existence and the non-existence in a higher being.
    5 sterotyping, I hate it and have been sterotyped before, thus I will try to keep an open mind about most things, but I can only go so far
    so those are typically all the things I can say right now till next time I'll actually talk about present day things till next time!!!!

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