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Steve (argo) wrote,
@ 2003-05-20 17:56:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    MO CHI!!!!!! GRADUATION!!! ^.^!!!!
    A couple more days till I actually graduate how shibby. Well I think I should get finished talking about my family. Let's see where to start at??? I guess I should start from the beginning...
    I was born August 11, 1985 and afterwards we lived in a really really small town. I mean my elementary was barely over ninty kids for grades kindergarten to sixth. After it was closed and turned into a boot camp I had to go to another school in another town. Things for my family were tough so my mom left my dad because he was a major alcoholic and abusive... Threw me on a stove. But he got better but not before making my mom take my away to Mexico and then a few years later after she had my lil' brother and sister my dad got worse again and we moved all the way to Los Angeles where I stayed for a year or two and missed a lot of school. Though I was already ahead of most of the kids and if I stayed in school I would have graduated while I was fifteen. After that my dad went straight cold turkey and gave up drinking and now only smokes like a stove. A good trade off I guess. After moving back to the dinky lil town I attended Jr. High at same level as everyone else and even though I missed out on a lot I managed to catch up and besides most of the stuff I already knew. During the end of my sixth year and the beginning of my seventh year I moved to Andrews. A slightly bigger dinky town. As a new student there I was lonely and ridiculed mostly because I played the flute. Which wasn't frowned upon where I went to school before but here it was a bad thing. So I mostly kept to myself and had only two or three close friends at the most. Though even thru all that I was usually the best until highschool gave better distractions. In my eleventh year I managed to acquire one of truest friends and funnest sparring partner Amber. The summer before and after was when I learned I was really gay or bisexual either way I am still not to clear on that. Anyways thanks to the internet I managed to find people who accepted me for what I was and made friends where like me.
    So after a summer of naughtiness with both guys and girls, yeah I lost my virginty to a guy. I came back to school and was a bit diffrent. A bit more jaded one could say but it works. So I guess that was a lot to say so I'll be back tomorrow and update as planned until then WUVES EVERYBODY!!!!!

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