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Steve (argo) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 16:31:00
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    Current mood: lethargic
    Current music:No Doubt.... Bow to the Almighty GODS!!!

    Edward Hau Wong Pepelu Tivrusky IV
    Well hello folks welcome to another edition of Steven's Bitchy Talk. On today subject I really have nothing to bitch about. So that makes the introduction completely irrelevent but who cares. My new name comes from a comic book character and I am going to try to change my name to that but if I can't the who really cares I can always do something else with it but then again maybe not. I wonder how one can go about putting pics on this I have had it for so long but never put anything on it.... I know maybe I'll get one of my cute Sessshomaru pics and put it up.

    Well besides that I have meet this guy online and I know I really don't like to do the online thing because I mostly show how I care for a person by my physical actions, and my head is a lil' twisted in the talking department, but I really hope we can like get along and that we have a good relationship which means Imight have to change some things in my life but I think I can work it. I'm tired of having just plain sexually relationships and want one where I can be happy with the other person, and who knows maybe it will be a long term thing. Heheh... while talking about long term relationships it seems I got sidetracked by the gleaming call of laptops.... Can't deny a good comp with an amazing refresh rate and a rather fasst net connection and a massive hardrive... Though I like that in a guy too.

    Well I guess I must go and look at more online goodies more or less I'll probably update in about an hour or so. but then agian I do get easiily sidetracked so until next time!! Blood spray, bullets, and bodyparts ^.^ Till nexttime!!!

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