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Steve (argo) wrote,
@ 2003-05-22 21:07:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:That Boy is Mine, Brandy and Monica

    Back To The MALL!!!!
    Okie Dokies!!! Well today I went back to Midland this time to actually look for a job. Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, some other bookstores and maybe Starbucks, though I don't think it was open, but whatever!!!

    Went with my other best gal friend Rachel, had some laughs hit on some guys read books and left them on the table nothing serious to do. It was fun though we hated looking for a job. Nygh..... But after that we went to the mall again... Cute guy at the Sunglass Hut was so totally gay but so much older than me. And besides I really can't have a bf until I move out and have some money to go out and do stuff. I hate people paying for unless they owe me something. Like time from my life, cause I could be at home instead of listening to other people's troubles. But I am a caring considering person.... MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh here are like a number of quotes that me and my friends made up I'll try to update them ya know.

    "Remeber God loves you, the rest of us are still trying."

    "I may talk slowly but I stab quickly."

    "If you see me smiling run swiftly and remember to duck"

    "Sex is nature's way of shaking hands"

    "If a black cat walks across your path it isn't bad luck, It's a chance to practice your punt kicks."

    "Set a man a fire he is warm for night. Set a man on fire he is warm for life."

    "I may be psycho, but at least I can hold a good conversation with the people in my head."

    That is all for now! One more day till I graduate!!!!!

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