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Arella (arella17silver) wrote,
@ 2004-02-07 21:20:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:Wish you were here...Pink Floyd

    I can't think of anything good to put here except that I am the typo queen!
    Not to mention that I have an astounding lack of spacebar usage....
    So, it has been awhile since I have updated this. I've been taking a stand in my own defense alot in my personal life, which everyone likes to advise me to do. But, wait...there's a catch. Not when it's them I'm standing up to.*side note...I have just been instructed by bran to update this* He rules. I got a creepy email I sent to everyone of htis ghost in a picture. It was quite disturbing to look at.
    I'm finding it hard to come up with witty, cynical commentary to put in here. What a let down......
    At the very least i'm being more productive in some areas of my life and my orgasm is no longer MIA, which is reassuring. I wonder just how many people read this thing of mine......since no one makes COMMENTS!*yes, that was a hint and not a very subtle one for those of you whose grey matter functions on a completely neccessitative level*
    with that in mind I leave you with a witty, cynical comeback for the neandrathals who think the only thing worth fighting with is a fist and not your mind or a sharp object to inject their lives with slow and painful, yet creative torture......* I was just pondering ways to cause you bodily harm with a broken, disheveled toothpick with the remaining brain cells I have after your vapid mind psychically drained them from me to do a simple task such as wiping your own ass*
    This has been a failed attempt at amusement by your very own relli

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Brandon Rock Me
2004-02-07 21:38 (link)
Yes you are the typo queen. I'll be the king of that domain if you'd like...hehe. I was wondering actually how you retrieved your orgasm. Did you use my method? Or did it just put you to sleep?And you best be listenin to me...I said write in your journal woman!!! And what do you mean "no one COMMENTS" jeez......this is like what? number

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My subject
2011-09-29 05:18 (link)
I totally match with everything you've written.

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