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aquamarine stars (aquamarinestars) wrote,
@ 2003-02-06 22:01:00
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    michael jackson special
    On the Michael Jackson Doc:

    That special really pisses me off.

    I'm not even a Michael Jackson fan - but, that guy has totally screwed up his image and done it, purposely. The way the interviews were done and how they focused on like showing his relationship with children making him looking insane..etc. etc. The producers/reporter of that show are seriously just trying to make money and they are going to get tons of it.

    If Michael wasn't as naive as he obviously is - he wouldn't have been stupid enough to say what he did say about children and his visions of the world etc. etc.

    The whole show just really pisses me off. The guy lived with him for eight months and all he has to show for it - is how he can make MJ look like an insane child abuser who lures children into his home all alone... even though, MJ lives with at least 50 other people {cooks, workers, nannys...} that they didn't bother to give any airtime.


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2003-02-06 23:08 (link)
Can't sleep, the Micheal Jackson will eat me...Can't sleep, the Micheal Jackson will eat me...Can't sleep, the Micheal Jackson will eat me...Can't sleep, the Micheal Jackson will eat me...Can't sleep, the Micheal Jackson will eat me...Can't sleep, the Micheal Jackson will eat me...Can't sleep, the Micheal Jackson will eat me...

Ya know? I watched part of the thing, while Friends had commericals going. Somethings were just really, really bad.

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2003-02-06 23:12 (link)
yeah.. im a fan.. but thats besides the pt.. basicaly the reporter kissed his ass for 8 months.. then got his story n totally turned on him.. im not sure where u guys live or what not.. but after the special they had a mini special on the reporter saying crap how he's messing up his children etc.. but has he ever thought what the media/ppl will do to his children if he lets them 'out'?? either way its a lose lose situation.. plus i could just c him getting sued left and right by parents if he did put them in a regular school, he's michael jackson for christ's sakes..

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2003-02-07 22:29 (link)
this reminds me of a joke my friend told me the other day after he saw the special.

"Did you know Michael Jackson shoped at K - Mart?"
"He did?"
"Yeah they were having a blue light special, all the children's pants were half off."

i used to be a MJ fan back in elementary school, now I just dunno whats up with the guy...

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2003-02-08 16:01 (link)
I didn't see the special but heard a lot of it from a woman at work. She feels sorry for him because the media has ripped him apart and he's never had a chance to be a child...*He's a man trapped in a child's body*...either way, he shouldn't have children if he's created this world where he can't even let them be free to live as children. He wants to adopt 2 or 3 children from each country? What about his own kids. If he just let himself fade into history...he'd perhaps have a chance to live a normal life. He likes the attention. He likes that people analyze him and feel sorry for him. I've listened to documentaries on him all my life and at one time even listened to his music. He's turned out to be a circus freak if you ask me. I don't have any sympathy for him. He has serious problems and needs help big time. The media won't help and making himself public all the time won't either. He needs to deal with all this crap before he begins to adopt other poor innocent children that won't be allowed to leave his property. It sounds like he's trying to create a child-wonderland that doesn't exist. He needs to grow up. :)

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2003-02-10 13:22 (link)
I completely agree with you! I thought the first half of the special was okay, but the whole second hour they were just implying things and putting words in his mouth. MJ's brother was on CNN and did an interview about it. Seriously though, they are so lame.

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