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Aprille. (aprillestarbean) wrote,
@ 2005-12-05 23:55:00
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    woot! Steph bought the new Gogol Bordello for me from her work, so it was cheap. $$$10. I got 66% on my english essay! EKK! BUT I got 98% on the other part so for the whole project I got 76%. On the essay part the marks for the class were horrible! The highest was 79% and the average was 62%. Dumb teacher neglected to mention for every paragraph we left out he docked us a percent. I barely had any grammar errors or spelling errors, I just lost 25% on not including all the 50 paragraphs he mentioned! Geez!!!! SO I'm entering the final with 74.3%. I need to get over 75% on it to make sure I get that 3.0 for my grade average. I am positive I can do it, if I study. He pratically told us everything that is on the exam. I should be able to get close to perfect in the two parts, but then I have to right a essay. HE GAVE us our topics! How easy is that! So I can pre-write it and then reguritate it on the exam. yup...
    I go and get my allergies tested tomorrow to see if I have any food sensitivites that are causing my migraines!
    Other than that, nothing else is new.
    I rearranged my room around. It actually looks bigger than a shoebox now, and I feel like I got some rooooom.

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2006-01-26 09:37 (link)
hey! where are you?

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