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Aprille. (aprillestarbean) wrote,
@ 2005-11-07 21:20:00
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    School wasn't as bad as usual today. I mean today was the first day this year that I actually contemplated dropping out, and realized that there is a chance that I might not even finish this course. BUT my 8 hours of school went faster that usual, hence better than usual.
    I got 60% on my oral report for english! Ahhh! He said I read basically my whole report which is bunk because the only thing I had were flashcards to keep my ideas on track and they were point/point form! Just dates, descriptive details like names, and such! Apparently, we can go and protest our mark if we don't think it is fair but if I do and let's say he raises it 10 percent, it translates into 1% of my total final mark because the oral report is only worth 10% of that. So it is so not worth the stink.
    SO I am doing horrible in English so far! We didn't get our last essays back, but I am hoping I at least got 70% otherwise it is going to be really tough to get my total grade over 75%.
    Oh! And the paper that I am working on is done kinda incorrectly. Apparently, we have to cite practically everything we write so I have to go through and cite and reference all the books that I used. I already have done it where I have paraphrased and quoted, but apoarently we have to do it where we took their ideas and made them into our own.
    EKKKK! It is 9.30 pm and I'm about to sit down for the next three hours and fix everything all up. Ah!

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2005-11-09 07:43 (link)
whatever you do, don't drop out! anything is better than working for minimum wage.

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