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Schizzy fo' Nizzle (apprenticenizzy) wrote,
@ 2003-03-07 17:29:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:It Just Won't Do - Tim Deluxe

    Errr... I'm honestly not sure what I should write in here. It's so much easier at LJ. :| Strange, that.

    To be honest, I'm not even sure why I've got a Blurty when I've already got a LJ.

    I think it rocks how Blurty hasn't done what LJ has had to as of yet. Means I can make my LJ a little bit pretty, I think, if I can ever find anyone who knows how to do that kind of stuff and could teach me (It seems like everyone around here has a spiffy looking journal layout!). :-S Down side: not enough Mood styles; I don't know if you can do Blurty Cuts like you can do LJ Cuts.

    *laughs* I was just looking at the Interests part of my Profile thing and geez! I look like some kind of death obsessed, Satan-worshipping... weirdo! Lol! Well, I'd like to assure people that I'm not either of those things. I'm quite a cheerful person.. most of the time. :| Well, online I am. :P *happies it up!*

    All right. Well, I suppose that's all I'll say for the moment.

    ... I wonder if anyone will ever comment in this thing considering that I won't be giving very many people the link. Hmm.


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2005-10-01 23:26 (link)
Hi, I'm Toby. You said you weren't sure if people would comment, so here I am commenting, like the good little girl I am. Actually, I only found your journal as I was scanning people's interests for harry potter fanfiction. I always like to find good fanfiction. And I found that a lot of your interests are my interests, even though I didn't put them in my interest thingy because I was afraid I'd seem evil and morbid. And I'm not.
Anyway, umm..yeah. That's about it. I was just commenting, because it seemed like a nice thing to do. Sooo...comment back, then.

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