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dearest helpless (apfelkeks) wrote,
@ 2003-11-28 09:58:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Dance Dance Revolution - "Butterfly"

    we are the venom that fills your mouths and eyes, we are the memories that come crushing back...~~

    I just got up and I'm still kind of tired... >>
    All my companions in my class are now sitting in school ^^. And I'm here at home and do a lot of naughty stuff ^^. I drank a bit coffee and now I feel a little better. I love coffee! <3
    I was on the edge of getting depressive once more yesterday, but now I'm all right. I wanna play some more stepmania! *bounces*
    Dancing Stage Euro Mix still didn't arrive, but I think it won't last long~~
    Lisa called yesterday and we talked about lotsa sexual stuff (she's bisexual too). Since she already *had* sex with a woman, she told me it's something completely different than with a man. She came *four* times (Oo") and it was... longer. I can imagine that woman can last much longer, since they are not too exhausted after a climax. I don't know if it's *better* but I can imagine that it's different. I think, a woman knows what she likes and she can be much more ... flexible in the bed I guess. Sometimes, I'm on the edge of becoming lesbian, because I think all guys are "cock-controlled" Idiots ^^". I know, there are a few wich are okay. I think 1 of 1000 guys are nice ^^" *drops*. I can imagine myself marrying/loving a woman much better than with a man. Because men are *so* sure of their "strenght" and "control" over the woman, that it makes me shudder to think of loving someone like *that*. *shivers*
    And, I mean, I had *so much* boyfriends that I am almost tired of dating/snogging them. It's always the same for me ... And I think they *really* *all* want just sex. It's so exhausting... >_<
    well, time will tell. I'm still young and I shouldn't think so much about the future. I will experiment more, 'til I am sure what I want.

    coffein-ish greets!
    (I feel like writing a fanfiction again ^^ I think it'll be harry/draco ^^ (seme!harry x uke!draco))

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