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dearest helpless (apfelkeks) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 20:38:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:Kare Kano - "Yume no naka e"

    I feel like writing an orgasm for draco~~
    I wrote a little slashy ficlet in school today. I was so bored that my perverted fantasies just made me write something aroused!draco x slutty!blaise - ish ^______^. I'll post it as soon as I've done the typing-down on my compi. Downloaded FLCL and Serial Experiments Lain today ^_^. Also Yami no Matsuei- But I wathced none of it ^^".
    I am going to write a new ficlet, I think. Something with Blaise jacking Draco off in the middle of potions lesson. Yay, my very first public sex-ficcie!! ^_____^ *cheers*

    Well, Lisa suggested that I only lived in my personal world or something like this. I guess she's right. But what's so bad about this? I often like to think of myself as a part out of society. In a world which is angelic, serene, peaceful. So very different from what they call "The real world".

    Well, at my maths-extra-education this afternoon, it was so boring and i was so~ tired that i slipped off in the middle of the lesson and phantasied about a Ron x Harry x Draco threesome, Draco giving Snape a blowjob and a Harry x Draco x Snape threesome Oo". Then I became aroused in the middle of my tasks!! O_____o
    I felt so~~~ ashamed... >_>
    I reddened like there was no tomorrow and poor Mister Hellebrandt didn't have a clue what was goin' on... ^_^"
    I'm so sorry, Mister Hellebrandt! Next lesson, I'll be eager to learn!! I promise! ^_^"""

    Gods, I need to get a life T__T
    And finally ... GODS! Tom Felton in a turtleneck sweater is the ultimative bishie-goddness!! XD~~~ *bounces randomly around* So very sexy! So very mature! So very Malfoy-ish!! <333~~~~
    Well, he may be a 14 year old with plastic-ken-doll-hair, but that turtleneck sweater is definitely becoming on him! <3 If we could just fix that hair... T_T
    (drooling about a person from real life makes me feel ... normal ^^ somehow...)

    by the way: Filch looks like a damn Dickens character!! XO

    p.s.: thanx to (the great draco malfoy! *drool*) for the use of the word "enraged" <3 *hugs*

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