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dearest helpless (apfelkeks) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 20:32:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Slipknot - "Heretic's Anthem"

    Muggle vs. Wizards
    "I'm cold, I'm ugly
    I'm always confused by everything
    I can stare into a thousand eyes
    But every smile hides a bold-faced lie

    It itches, it seethes, it festers and breathes
    My heros are dead, they died in my head"
    Slipknot - Diluted

    Well, I thought a bit about the Harry Potter Universe:
    Why do we never see our favorite wizards using modern conviences? They have magic to help them do things like cook, clean, move things, go from point A to point B, but we never see them using certain luxeries that we muggles love. Take for example a television. Now, why don't they watch TV? I mean, you would think that since all the pictures in the wizarding world move, that they would have some TV equivalent. But no - they have no TV. Example 2 - where are the radios??? Why do they not listen to music? We see one time the evidence of music in the wizarding world, The Weird Sisters at the Yule Ball. And it says people had heard of them on Wizard Wireless Network, but we never see our characters listening to that! Where are the radios, the concerts, the CD's or wizarding equivalent?? What have these people got against the media? They don't know what they are missing...

    After seeing these two very important examples, it leads me to my main point: WHAT IN THE HELL DO THESE PEOPLE DO IN THEIR FREE TIME?? How often do we see our beloved Dream Team or other loved characters doing anything but a) school b) quidditch c) homework d) sneaking around and getting into trouble. What do they do in the common room from the time class is out until they go to sleep? They can't possibly have that much homework, and wizard's chess and exploding snap would get old very, what do they use to occupy their time? We can only guess. If you are Hermione, you go to the library, Harry sneaks around under his invisibility cloak, Ron either follows him or bugs Hermione by complaining, Draco follows the Dream Team around trying to figure out ways to screw them over, The Twins play jokes or think about how to play jokes on people, Wood, when he was there, practiced Quidditch...but, how boring can that get? I don't think we will ever know what our wizards do...

    And this leads me to my next point, where do they go on dates? Do you take a moonlit stroll around the lake, even though your not supposed to be on the grounds after dark? Do you chill in the Common Room and make out in a corner?? Is there a special secret mall buried in Hogwarts that only dating couples can use? But can you see my point - what do these people do for dates? Unless you are sneaking around the castle, there is no good place to go and make-out, and maybe more. The poor wizards have no dates or sex until they leave Hogwarts...

    My next question is where are the bathrooms? We see 3 bathrooms throughout 4 books: girl's bathroom they defeat the troll in, Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, and the Prefects bathroom, where we see our first bath in 4 years! There may be a mention here or there about taking a shower after Quidditch practice *or maybe that's just in fanfic...I get confused sometimes...*, but we never hear or see any mention of bathrooms. This is just weird to me, b/c wizards are people too, and bathrooms are important. Anyway, moving on.

    My next point is telephones. Why don't wizards use telephones? Ok - I know they have owls, and that they can do that head in the fireplace thing, but isn't that a little inconvient? Why is using a telephone such a novel idea? Remember in POA when Ron tried to call Harry and screamed at Uncle Vernon? How do the wizards call each other? Owls take awhile to get to some place and I'm not sure kids can use the fireplace, and not everyone has a fireplace...and frankly, in my opinion, seeing someone's face in a fireplace is a little freaky, but that's just me...So, how do they get in touch with one another? I guess that's another one of those questions that one will never know...

    So, my main point is, wizards aren't that much smarter than muggles. We don't have the ability to do cool magic shit, but we do have things that wizards might enjoy, like TV's, movies, music, computers, and telephones. Maybe if they paid more attention to these muggle advances, they might make some advances in their own world, and instead of sitting around doing nothing on a Friday night, they could go to a concert, go on a date, or watch a movie. But just a thought...

    Well, I also got to see the slipknot-trailer on their hp:
    And I was utterly shocked and also fascinated ^_^. I'm thrilled to buy their new album this fall~~~ *grinning manically*

    so far~

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2003-11-18 11:34 (link)
Wah! You wrote a very entertaining essay about HP! ^_^ I like this point of view! I hope we can chatt again anytime soon! ^_^ Yours Machi

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