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..Be You.. (antidramabitch) wrote,
@ 2004-04-16 16:10:00
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    Current mood:cynical.. ?

    it has been a while but here it goes.. ok today was alrite.. i scrubbed it... literally got up and was ready in about 5 minutes. but its all good. im more comfortable when i scrub. today at lunch was funny lol. toes are the topic of the month! ;] lmao. but tonight i might be going to eveys... i wanna go out though!! we need to get out and have fun.. ehhH!! ehh rachael... wish you werent grounded... your grounded for a dummbb reason. cant believe it. but another weekend i guess?.

    but yeahh i am sick and tired of guys... all they do is play with ur head. but then theres James :] LMAO! gosh he has a nice car!! =) lol. and Eddie.. "i need to stop playing around".. well sorry babe.. theres gonna be no more than playing around lol.. we wont be tlakin serious boy.. you aint my type! lol. but yeahh... if anyone wants to chill comment... and we can! i have no life..
    but im out..
    * LoLo

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2004-04-16 16:18 (link)
i love u ! i hope u make it 2night

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2004-04-16 16:41 (link)
EDDIE SPAHETTI'S IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT! CAN WE GET A HAND CLAP?!!?! LOL i loverr you. ur sucha slut with alll those boyfreinds u got ;] mwahss

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