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..Be You.. (antidramabitch) wrote,
@ 2004-03-14 19:59:00
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    Current mood:peaceful

    lonmg time no uopdaTE!
    alrite.. welll this week was gaaYY... i am soOO sick of schooll.. and i cant even imagine how im going to wake up for the next 3 years.. gosh =\ ... but yeah the NRT's were this week.. and i didnt even get to take them.. the people like wouldnt let me.! this one lady kept sending me back to class. . and i dotn think she knew what she was talking about..! so im hoping its not a big deal.. and the rest of the week was blah.. friday rach and evey came over... lol theyre crazy!.. theY just LOVE to mess with peoplE! then later that night we all went to rachaels.. saturday i went ot a wedding. it was nice. sunday (today) i went to the beach! =) there were alotta people there that i knew! me and my sis jsut chilled! so that was nice.. got me a little color and im hoping to go to the beach tomorrow.. those were my plans until evey invtied me over.. so i dunno what im gonna do yet.. if my plans work out for the beach.. thats pry what ill do.. sense those were my plans from the start.. plus i might not have a ride to eveys and back! but if i do go to her house thatll be fun toO! =). ill TRY and update later and more sooN! =)

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