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FURY (anthrax400) wrote,
@ 2004-07-16 14:21:00
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    Hospital, burns and fun
    Yeah so I wake up on monday morning with a massive head ache. I get out of bed and go to the bathroom to take a leak. I look in the mirror and my face is all swollen and my head is puonding, I walk into the kithen to take a tylenal and a cup of water and all of a sudden I get extremely dizy and I start to pass out, everything started to fade away and everything i hear sounds faint. My mom was standing next to me and grabs me and keeps calling my name, I come to. I blacked out for I think like 30 seconds, my mom brings me over to the couch. I sit down. She then calls 911. ..I sit there until they come, I start to feel slightly better. Theyarrive and they say I have dehydration, Its my choice to go to the hospital, I said no and that I will be alright so they leave... A few minutes later I start to shake, my mom calls the ambulence again and the fire truck comes. they recomend i go to the hospital, so my mom takes me to the ER at St. Rapheals. I got in they ask me stuff then after a short while they come and stick an IV in my arm. They gave me 2 big bags into my veins. I sat there for a few hours, I finally start to feel a little bit better I go home and sleep the rest of the day.
    I thought I was dying at first...
    The nurse actually happened to be the aunt of someone I know and the club owner of the ex-The Warehouse....

    I got my debit card yesturday, um I need a new computer asap this one is about to permenatly die.

    Yeah so thats what happened this past week. \m/

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