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FURY (anthrax400) wrote,
@ 2004-07-11 13:41:00
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    Current mood:Joyed & Tired

    Wow, were to begin? Well yup OZZFEST 2004 was yesturday and what a FN awsome show. It was incredible.

    first we arrive and see the 2 drunk boneheads we know that are at every metal concert. They were drunk and sleeping on the walkway. They left new haven at 2am and walked to hartford. WTF??? I suprrised those dudes aint dead yet. Then the guy made me get rid of the chain on my wallet. I had to hide it in the bushes...

    Well we get in walk around. The day was slighty slow at first but was building up. The second stage was kinda bad until Hatebreed came on. I was in the pit... Well everyone was in the pit at some point for Hatebreed. Slipknot headlined the 2nd stage I only wathced a few songs, cuase I hate slipnot. Chilled out in the lawn for a bit. I saw mad people i knew. Mike Myers, the deadwait guys, some pople from highschool. some people knew me and I didnt know them, Chris Boudette, GA,...The bathrooms smell was discusting. Sodas were 400 for a small. I bought a t-shirt at the end of the show.

    BLS-was awsome
    SuperJOint- they were cool, great to see phil
    Dimmu Borgir-excellent black metal
    Slayer-KICKED ASS
    JUDAS PREIST-played all the old hits, great stage show. Halford came out from behind the eye, and drove out on a motorcyclke in the half way through the set.
    BLACK SABBATH-Incredibly good, They are all old guys, but damn they can play perfectly, Ozzy is till the man.

    I never thought I would ever see Sabbath or Priest in my lifetime. There is a bit more but I cant write for ever, so...

    PS. I have sunburn from hell.


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