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FURY (anthrax400) wrote,
@ 2004-06-20 17:11:00
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    happy happy joy joy & slightly annoyed
    Well first today I bought the new KILLSWITCH ENGAGE album and it kicks major ass!!! My brother bought HALO finally. Can you say best game ever???!!!!!

    OK girl debat: Well im debating what to do... Well there is this chick I saw at Dying Fetus, then i saw her again at GWAR. Shes is pretty hot. we kinda made the eye contact, she looked like she was gonna say hi, but didnt. And then I check my email and I get a thing from hot or not and she has a profile on there and she clicked she wanted to meet me, I havent logged onto hot or not over a year. Hell yeah I wanna talk to her. The problem is that hot or not has the option of sending a free message that sux or pay to send an actuall email. I dont have a credit card to send an email. and the free message is REALLY cheesy. Im sure I will see her at some shows so I will meet her in person, but I dont wanna ignore the double mathc cuase she might think im not interested anymore. crap what am i to do? I think I will be ballsy and send a free message but I hope I dont scare her away...

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